Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flash...iPhone...What the hell?

In my opinion not having Flash on the iPhone is not good for anyone... it isn't good for Apple or Adobe, yet somehow neither one seems to be ready to give in. If it is really just an issue over PDF rendering, it is even worse. If you were putting out a hand-held computer (which is what the iPhone really is) with all the power of the iPhone, wouldn't want to give the consumer the best possible experience? Wouldn't you want developers all over the world to create apps that run on it?

Apparently Steve Job's is either a complete nut-job or a genius beyond all of our understanding. Ordinarily I would say that he is making a huge mistake, but for some reason he seems to pull off some long shots.


mlong said...

Umm... didn't they just give developers all over the world the ability to create applications for it?

Crying because they didn't allow it to be done in ActionScript or Logo or Forth or LISP is simply being disingenuous.

Rob McKeown said...

No tears here.

What I was saying is, why not take advantage of all the buzz around Flash/Flex/AIR right now. As a developer I would like to take a crack at creating something that runs on the iPhone but I would rather take advantage of the technologies I am currently working with.

If the rumors are true, its a little frustrating knowing I have to wait before creating something in Flex for the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Hail to the Jobs ;>

Todd said...

Yeah, I'm not really sure why Adobe and Apple couldn't get something working. I have a feeling this is really more about business negotiations than actual technology. Though I don't know squat, just my gut feeling.
And now that J2ME is going to be supported on the iPhone...big blow to Adobe here.
Oh, well, at least Apple is opening it up, even if we can't use our favorite development platform for creating apps for it.

Kevin Cannon said...

What's the big deal. Do any mobile devices have the Flash Player on them? I think three's very few, if any.

Mobile devices are underpowered compared to desktop devices, so it's hard to know how such a plug-in would perform. Steve Jobs has stated it's a technical issue.

There's Flash Lite, for developing UIs, but as yet, there's no 'Flash Lite Player' that exists from Adobe.

Still Adobe said they're going to try experiment with the SDK, so who knows what we'll see.

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