Friday, October 3, 2008

Flex/Actionscript XML gotcha

I spent way too long troubleshooting this issue today. I was trying to initialize an XML object with some data from my actionscript object. Here is what I was doing:
private function someFunction(myObject:Identifiable) : void {
var myXML:XML = <objectreference objectid="{}">;

Then later on in my code I was doing an XPath query like so:

var list:XMLList = myRoot.objectReference.(@objectId=='foo');

Can you spot the problem? It took me way to long to notice the problem, which was obvious once I admitted to myself that I needed to actually use the debugger.

The problem was that I had double quotes around the expression {}. The code should have been:

private function someFunction(myObject:Identifiable) : void {
var myXML:XML = <objectreference objectId={}/>;
Since having it incorrect with the quotes doesn't cause an error, I was really baffled on this.


senocular said...

(@objectId=='foo'); could also be problematic since using @ in an E4X filter can throw an error if an element of the list does not have the specified attribute.

A safer approach that avoids this error is using the attribute() method in place of @.

Theo Hultberg said...

I saw the other obvious problem: setting "objectid" but referring to "objectId", but I guess that is just a typo in the post =)

Rob McKeown said...

Good catch Theo. You're right, that was a typo.

Anonymous said...

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