Saturday, September 15, 2007

Klok: 600 downloads and climbing - future plans.

Despite not winning the AIR Developer Derby (at least, I assume I didn't since I didn't hear otherwise), Klok has been downloaded over 600 times since August. I don't know if that is a lot by the standards of other AIR apps, but to me it is a big deal. So I figured I would take this opportunity to thank everyone for checking it out and talk about what is coming up in future versions of Klok.

Next week Klok will get its own home page where you can download updates, get documentation, report bugs and request features. Stay tuned for the URL. I will probably still post information about it here so keep this blog bookmarked.

I have mentioned earlier that more reports are coming. To be more specific, the ability to report on any week or month will be in the next update. Also coming soon, but probably not in the next update will be "drillable" reports. Right now, they show high level roll-ups of time spent on a top level project. Drillable reports will allow you to see the breakdown of each project.

So far everything I have talked about will be in the free download of Klok. However, there has been some interest in a small business version which would allow a firm to set up projects for all employees to track time against. This would give someone the ability to see time spent on projects across a whole team.

More information will be available soon as to how it will work but my thoughts as of now are this. An administrator would create projects and possible tasks. All users of klok would be able to connect to the server and keep there local version in sync. When users add time, the data will still be tracked locally so that people can work offline. At the end of the week, for example, users would connect and submit their time to the server. Then that information could be viewed by higher-ups for use in paying employees or billing customers.

The deployment details are still in the works. This may be a hosted service available for a monthly fee or be available for sale to be deployed on someone's own network. Most likely this will be a J2EE app but that may change.

To me this is the type of app that AIR was meant for. Occasionally connected with all the power of the desktop with the rapid development of a web-app.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in using or testing when it is ready.


Unknown said...

Man you`re quite impatient ;-) In the official rules it says that they will inform individuals around the 17th and in the confirmation mail you`ve got it says the same. So you can still keep thumbs crossed.

Rob McKeown said...

@benjamin - You're right...I had overlooked the date specified in the email and was going solely on the one listed on the labs page where it does say the 14th. I hope your right... and I will keep fingers and toes crossed. Thanks for setting me straight.