Thursday, May 24, 2012

Klok, Klokwork Team Console/Connector updated

We posted multiple updates to several products today. See below for details on the updates.


  • Added full project path on mouse over entry in week view
  • Added validation for HTML invoice provider to prevent errors if you try to generate an invoice without first creating an invoice template or selecting a date range
  • Fixed Xero/Blinksale authorization panel display using light skins
Note: This is likely to be the last release of the invoicing beta. It will become part of the full version only very soon.

Klokwork Team Console

  • Added feature to roll up time entered on locally created subprojects up to the parent project. So if you published a project and a Klok user added a subproject locally, any time tracked against the subproject will be rollup into the parent
  • Fixed date parsing to prevent "negative time" issue. 

Klokwork Team Connector

  • Fixed issue where items flagged as not able to have time tracked against them was still trackable when published to Klok
Download it now