Thursday, January 19, 2012

Klok Connector updates for Freshbooks, Basecamp and Harvest

Over the last couple of days we have posted several updates to all of the connector plugins that upgrade them to be compatible with the latest Klok v2.3.7. Not only have we upgraded them to match the current version of Klok, we have also fixed several bugs and provided better status and error reporting.

The latest versions are all available for download now.

Don't forget, you will need the full version of Klok to use the connectors. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Klok 2.3.6 - Xero, Blinksale Freshbooks integration

Wow it has been a busy holiday season but now that we have been back in the swing of things for a couple weeks we have some major updates to announce.

Firstly, we just posted an update to Klok 2.3.6 which now includes a skin with a larger font size. You can access it from the Tools > Preferences > Appearance screen.

We are also happy to announce our new invoicing integration beta. This feature allows you to create an invoice for a project (and all child projects) for a given time period. Initially we are including the ability to generate an invoice as a file or submit to either Xero or Blinksale. For more information see our website. Please note, that while this feature is in beta, we are enabling it in the free and full versions, but once this beta feature will only be available in the free version until February 2012.

Also, we have posted a new beta connector for Freshbooks allowing you to mange your projects in Freshbooks and track you time in Klok.

As usual, if you have questions or suggestions let us know.