Monday, June 30, 2008

StyledText - Free Flex Component

As anyone who is familiar with Flex knows, you can style most of your components using CSS. Most people are also familiar with the Text component and its ability to render HTML using its htmlText property. The problem for me has always been that the CSS "classes" you define in your application's CSS are not available to the HTML content of a Text component. In other words, if your css had this in it:

a {

and your Text components htmlText property had something like this in it:

<p>This is some content with <a href="">a link</a> in it</p>

the link, would not be red or underlined.

So, after a quick search on Google with no luck, I figured I would just create my own solution. You can check it out for yourself (view source is enabled) or download the source code

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Klok in the top 10

It looks like Klok has made the top 10 apps making AIR worth installing (at least according to Thanks to Kevin for the kind words. I highly recommend checking out some of the other apps on that list too. There are also, plenty of other great AIR apps worth checking out too over at the Adobe AIR Marketplace.