Monday, May 9, 2011

Klok 2.3.2 now available - Google Docs Integration

We just posted version 2.3.2 which includes some often requested features/bug fixes.

  • Right click delete from Time Entries tab bug fixed. Right clicking an item before left clicking to select it will now allow you to delete from the context menu.
  • New "Quick Comment" button in the "working on area" for current timer item. Click the small comment icon to open a box where you can update the comment on a running timer.
  • Save timesheet to Google Docs (as spreadsheet). The timesheet will automatically be converted into a Google spreadsheet. (This feature is only available in the full version of Klok - See the version comparison for other features of the full version)
  • Option to save encrypted Google Accounts settings between sessions. The settings are stored only if you select "Remember Me" and are stored in an encrypted local storage. You can tell Klok to forget the saved settings from the Tools > Preferences > Third Party Integration screen