Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adobe AIR Application Klok reaches 350,000 downloads

It is almost hard to believe, but as of Sept 30, 2010 Klok has been downloaded 350,000. It seems like just yesterday I was posting about it reaching 2000 downloads. Back then it was just an experiment that I used to learn Flex and Adobe AIR development and enter in Adobe's "developer derby". Time really flies... which is why it is so important that you keep track of it.... using Klok of course.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Klok Basecamp and Harvest Connector Betas Now Available

We are happy to announce that the public beta versions of the Basecamp and Harvest connector plugins are now available. You can download them below. Also, check out the video of the installation process and the video demonstration of the Basecamp plugin in action

There are a couple of things to note about the beta versions of the plugins.
  • These are "beta" versions, so there may be bugs. When you find one, please let us know at
  • In order to use a connector plugin, you must be using a full version of Klok or the trial version available from the Adobe Marketplace
  • You should use a new data file location when using a plugin because your project tree will be populated from the remote system. If your data file has projects in it before connecting, they will not exist in the remote system and therefore not be able to track time against them.
  • You cannot edit or add projects in Klok. You must manage your clients, projects and tasks via the web-based Basecamp or Harvest interface
  • Once installed, you access the connector configuration by clicking in the lower left corner of Klok where it says "Offline".
  • Plugins can expose the ability to do two types of synchronizations. Usually one that pulls items from the remote system and the other that uploads items. What these buttons are call and what they do is up to the plugin and the remote system's capabilities.
  • If you delete a project from Basecamp or Harvest, the item will not be deleted from Klok

Basecamp Plugin
Timetracking is only available on Basecamp Plus, Premium and Max plans. Therefore, in order to use Klok to track time you must have one of those plans. The Basecamp Basic plan does not include time tracking. Also, you will need to make sure that API access is enabled on your Basecamp account. This is done on the Account tab and can only be enabled by the account owner. Once you install the plugin into Klok you will notice that on the plugin configuration panel, it doesn't ask for the token. Instead it asks for the username and password. However, this may change to using the token only before the final release.

Also, Basecamp does not store the start and end time of a time entry. Because of this limitation it is not possible for Klok to "pull down" time entries that were entered directly into the Basecamp web-based interface.

When choosing "Full Synchronize", the project tree will be downloaded from Basecamp and stored in Klok for use offline. When choosing "Upload Time", any time entries that were added or deleted while not connected will be uploaded. Note that while you are connected to the internet, added or edited time entries will be uploaded in real time.

Harvest Plugin
Harvest allows time entries to be tracked via durations or via start and end timestamps. In order for Klok to interact correctly with Harvest you must set up your account to use start and end timestamps. See the Harvest FAQs for instructions for setting up timestamps.

When choosing "Synchronize", you will be prompted to select a date range to synchronize. This allows you to download entries added via the Harvest web or mobile interface. It is recommended that you choose a time period of a week or two. The project tree will also be downloaded from Harvest and stored in Klok for use offline. When choosing "Upload Time", any time entries that were added or deleted while not connected will be uploaded. Note that while you are connected to the internet, added or edited time entries will be uploaded in real time.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Klok 2 - Volume discounts now available online

We just added the several discounted options for those buying multiple licenses of Klok 2. You can choose one of the multi-user packages from our online store at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Klok - Update to 2.1.9 - Fixes bugs enhanced collapsed mode

We posted an update to Klok that fixed some bugs. We also enhanced the "recent projects" list so that in collapsed mode, you can start working on any project
  • Fixed: KLOK-67 Can't exit from system tray Klok
  • Fixed: KLOK-65 data lost when reassigning a project
  • Fixed: KLOK-64 sum of times is incorrect
  • Enhanced Recent projects dropdown
Note that users using the trial version or purchased their license via the Adobe AIR marketplace will not see the update for a day or so as it goes through the deployment process.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Klokwork Team Connector - Update

We just posted another update to the Klokwork Team Connector that fixes several issues. You can download the update from our website. You will need to uninstall the existing one before you install the new one. We will be adding an automatic check for updates prior to the official release of the plugin.

We will also be posting an update in the next few days to Klok and Klok Pro that will fix the issue where you get a scroll bar in the connector configuration window as a result of the new options in the connector. The 2.1.8 update will also include several (about 20) bug fixes

So AIR on the iPhone after all?

I just came across this post on Gizmodo which seems to indicate that using the iPhone packager might now be allowed. Anyone from Adobe care (or dare) to comment?

Having just created my first Flex/AIR based Android app using the embedded SQLite database in about 45 minutes, I can say that it would be awesome to apply that kind of productivity to building iOS apps.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Klok + Klokwork Team Connector - Free 30 Day Trial

Just a reminder, that you can try out the Klokwork Team Connector when you install the new 30 day trial version from the Adobe AIR marketplace. Once you download and install the trial, download the free Klokwork Team Connector (beta) plugin from Then install the plugin on the Tools > Preferences > Plugins menu. See the instructions on our website for more details.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Try Full Klok 2 Features Before You Buy

We are happy to announce that you can now try all the features of Klok 2 before you buy with our new 1 month trial version. If you like it and want to buy it you can initiate your purchase right in the Klok interface. If you decide you don't want the full version, you can still download the free version from