Thursday, October 4, 2007

Klok update - bug fixes and enhancements

Klok has been updated to run on the latest version of the AIR runtime. If you are using the previous version of Klok, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of AIR and the latest version of Klok.

This version of Klok includes fixes for bugs that have been reported. Most importantly, when adding a time entry from the Project View > Time Entries tab, the date and time entered will be respected, rather than always defaulting to the current time. Also, entries made from this screen will immediately show up when you switch back to week view. Previously, you had to switch weeks and come back before it would show up.

Also, some noted that navigating forward and back week by week was a bit painful, so I added a calendar below the project tree. When you click on any day, that week will be shown in the week view.

Whats next?
Check back soon for an updated interface, an online demo version, ability to load different data files, server-based central repository demo and more bug fixes.

If you used the installer to the right and got errors, it should now be fixed. I forgot to update the badge installer to specify the Beta 2 version of the runtime.

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