Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's your title?

I am frequently asked what I do for a living and have found that when I reply with my title, "Principal User Interface Engineer", most people ask "yeah... but what do you do?". So let me ask all of you a question.

If you are someone who is responsible for designing what software behaves and looks like, then what is your title? Just curious if there is a succinct way to sum it up.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the problem's with your job title, dude. If people ask what you do for a living and you respond with a job title, if they don't work in the industry they're bound to be a bit confused!

If you replied with "I'm responsible for designing what software behaves and looks like, with the aim of making users lives easier", they'll probably ask *how* you do it - what sort of things you consider, etc.

Rob McKeown said...

Explaining in more detail is pretty much what I do. However, even people in this business don't always understand.

My question was intended to help me understand if "Interaction Designer" or "User Experience Designer" are more widely accepted titles.

Anonymous said...

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