Monday, March 10, 2008

Klok makes "10 Adobe Air Apps Worth a Look" list

I was wondering why around March 5 and 6 the Klok site got 50 times more hits than usual. Not all is attributed to the post on March 5, but a good chunk was. Thanks to whomever put that up.


Anonymous said...

Hello, you made great tool. I was looking for something similar like that for half day. I was wasting my time to find good tool, timeless time :) I don`t know air/flash but is there possibility to add tray icon for stopping/starting counting tasks. It will be great thing. Greetings to you!

Rob McKeown said...

Keep an eye out for version 2. It will have the ability to minimize to the system tray and be able to "pause" and "restart" the task you are on. My only hesitation in adding it, is I don't have a Mac and I want to make sure I don't cause any kind of problem for mac users.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you made awesome tool. I was searching on the internet and tried different products, but I like your design of the calendar system the best!!! I entered my work information for the past 3 weeks, and it looks and works great. The one thing that the Klok doesn’t do for me, and I wonted to ask, if it is possible to add, is report that would display time for each task as well as the project. It would save me a lot of time on the monthly reports that I have to create for my boss. Greetings to you!