Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Klok Feature- customizable remote data storage location - vote now

I have been getting quite a few emails lately regarding Klok. Many people are making some great suggestions for future versions. I would have to say that the most frequent request is to add the ability to store the data on a remote server or USB drive. I usually work on my laptop, which is obviously portable, so I never really thought about this as being required.

So here is the question, is this important enough for me to put out another update for Klok Version 1 or can you all wait for the next version which should be done in the next few months. I am leaning towards putting out another update for V1. Please let me know what you think.

Also, if you could have one additional feature in that update what would you like to see?


Lawrence said...

I would love to see a remote host option for storing data. I use several different computers during the day. Use auth via php on my own server.
Also, I would like to see a horizontal line across the schedule that indicates the current time. You could add a preference to use os clock or enter a time server address.

Unknown said...

Hi, great work your klok app.
1 question – suggestion.
Is it possible to use a server database (MSSQL) so a team can use Klok as a timesheet. They all use the same projects, they can see the hours of everyone working on projects, someone can use it to make invoices. Everybody can see deadlines for projects…
We all work at home so that would be great.
The app. I made myself a couple of years ago (MDMZInc and MSSQLserver) isn’t this beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love this app and use it every day in my work. Data portability is an worth a new version. But I also have a few other suggestions that I hope can be considered in a future release:

1. the ability to sort projects in the projects column.
2. the ability to make an existing project a subproject of a newly created project


Commander Cody said...

This is great app.
I would have to vote for the remote data storage options with a local storage option.

Josh Van Horsen said...

I would love to see a note entry on a per project basis, so I can make note a detailed note about that project

Unknown said...

I agree with all the suggestions. All would be very helpful. I was going to suggest a way to sort the projects in the left column, but it was said. Not just sort but the ability to drag-n-drop the project below another one. Great App!

Unknown said...

Also, I am having trouble with the app window shifting when I click anywhere. I am on a Mac. When I click into the app, from another program, it seems like it uses where I click as an anchor point and shifts the position of the window to where I clicked. I am having a hard time recreating it, but it seems to happen often. My apologies if this isn't the bug report spot.

Anonymous said...

Hi there -

I love this application, it really helps me keep track of everything i work on. I get more accurate totals, sometimes reflecting more hours towards something :)

But, there is an issue with the "total time" towards a task. I logged hours today starting at 11:45am and finished at 1:00pm. The total time in the duration column is 1.24. I'm missing one minute! But, if I go to the Timesheet report for this week, the Total is 1.25 (correct), but the task still says 1.24.

The reports view correctly lists the total time for 1.25.

Also, is there a way to break down the Reports view into individual projects under one client instead of the overall client?

Thanks! Continue the greak work!

Kim Steinhaug said...

I would love to create a timesheet of some sort for a particular project.

Also it would be nice to create a timesheet for a whole month and not only a week. (sure I could add the 4 weeks myself, however a month is not 4 weeks).

Great app, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I just ran across this application and really impressed with its potential. I would suggest to add the feature for remote storage as envision folks using not only from their system say at work, but from clients or even home. Can see the difficulty that would make it then less portable than now (backend on .net, java, cf, etc).

One other feature that would be great to have would be the ability to have some shared components (really thinking of projects names) for a set of folks using the system togetehr. I would love to use this system with our development team so that we can all track time against projects that we all share.

I think adding those 2 features will allow the system to be used by teams in addition to individuals very easily, and the fact the data stored centrally mean ore robust export or reporting will be very easy to do.

Greta application - Thanks for Sharing, Gus

Unknown said...

Agreed - it would be great to see a configurable storage option. Where is the data currently stored? I started using Klok on my desktop but would like to transfer to my laptop so I can take it with me on the road?

Josh Van Horsen said...


I have the same problem with the shifting window as well. It generally happens after I have Klok minimized for long periods of time. I have figure out, if I double click the windows title bar when its happening, it corrects the issue.

Anonymous said...

A remote data storage location would be extremely useful. I would love to see this in the next version if possible.

Anonymous said...

Great App - A lifesaver


Remote Storage

Sortable Project Column

Anonymous said...

remote host so multiple users can access it would be great!

Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to dump the entire database of individual entries with start and stop time stamps into excel. Then I can make any report that I like.

Great app. Thanks.

Regrads Paul

Anonymous said...

I would love to see integration with something like Google calender or ical. My ical and Gcal all sync and i share my gCal with my boss and have to update it with what i do throughout the day. if this was seamless that would be great. Also away to have the information on a remote host. all you would need was a Google calender account.

Great app have been looking for this verry thing for a long time. tons of options none that work this well or look this great.


Anonymous said...

I would like the ability to move a task entry from one folder to another one. Often I log a bunch of time and then realize that some of it needs to go into a sub folder. I can make the sub folder, but can't move existing entries into it. Therefore I have to re-enter those time entries into the new sub folder and delete them in the previous folder. It is double duty.

Being able to easily transport entries between locations would be nice. I have 3 computers that I work on at 3 separate locations. I need to have them track time and somehow sync that time.

Great product BTW. With some necessary updates completed, I will be donating.

TAG said...

I work on multiple machines for my work and would LOVE the option of having Klok store data remotely -- so that copies of Klok elsewhere can access it at the same time, ideally!

Anonymous said...

SQL server or DB storage would be awsome!

Mark said...

I just found Klok 29 minutes ago (according to the timer :)

I love the drag and drop ability of the weekly timesheet. I'd love to see the same ability for the "time entries" so I can show my boss where time went on a project.

Thanks a bunch for a great app!

Mark said...

To clarify, I love the drag and drop the weekly timesheet into Excel feature.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for remote storage, for roaming between home and work.

Anonymous said...

Only 23 comments? I would have thought this great app would generate more discussion. Anyway count me in on:
*Reordering Projects (via drag and drop?)
*Making a project a sub project of an existing project (via drag and drop?)
*Shareable Projects across a team
*Portable Apps compliant (checkout out
Not sure whether the last two are possibly mutually exclusive.

Ed said...

Definite vote for portability! I travel in and out of the office, using lots of different computers but I always have my pen drive with me. I notice the post you made about the location of the Klok.dat file but I can't always find it on client's computers. A portable option as soon as possible please!

Nosh said...

Excellent little app, been looking for something like this for years, nothing else out there really matches what this does.

I would suggest you implement remote access using your own server, this way it provides stability in installation/usage and also gives you the opportunity to earn from it, as this is clearly currently a personal project and I for one would prefer it to become a much more rounded product as there are a fair few usability rough edges to it currently.

One other request, when it's in minimised mode it's still too large and it gets in the way, I find myself moving it around too much, I would much rather it shrunk like WinAmp into the size of a window header (PC), all the info could still be displayed. Also when you maximise it again if it could recentralise on the screen rather than disappearing off the side if I have moved it to the far right. Finally if the STOP button could always be displayed in minimised mode instead of hidden sometimes.

Kristen said...

I would like to see the duration column added up at the bottom. I love this app and use it for very simple projects and logging the time. My projects sometimes get lengthy and spread over months. I have to go through and add up the durations to find my total time spent. Am I missing something? This would be a great addition for the next generation.

Unknown said...

Very cool application. Remote data storage....yes, please ..... that resides on a database.
Also, in the "Time Entries" tab,
1. include the ability to sort from most recent date at the top as well as bottom of the column.
2. ability to arrange position/order of the columns


Unknown said...

I started to use Klok a few days ago and I love it! I've tried several other time tracking applications, but none of them work as nice as Klok.

I also would love to see a customizable remote data storage location and a local storage location. That would be great.

I have one other suggestion:
To have a start and stop button at a permanent location (top). That way if you have a project/subproject selected, you can click on the start/stop button e.g. at the top and you don't have to search for the "work on" button.

I don't know how the "currently working on" option works. Sometimes it doesn't work and shows nothing and sometimes it shows the correct projects. But what if you have dozens of projects. Then a simple start/stop button are easier to use. I now have to go to the properties tab to click on the "work on" button.

Great work so far!


Marin Todorov said...

best time tracking app for sure :)

I'd say better another update to ver 1.0 :)

yeah - remote storage - definitely + will be great to put prices per hour on each project/subproject so I can see directly timesheet with the totals :)

thanks a lot for the great app

Anonymous said...

Give us the possibility to minimize Klok to tray(Windows)! :)

Justin Souter said...

Agree this is a great app. fyi for an app I used to use. Only superior function was the ease with which to choose different projects and "check in / check out".

Keep up the great work. :-)

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