Friday, August 1, 2008

Adobe Media Player - Can't download it?

Is it just me or is there a problem with the download site for Adobe Media Player? If I go to there is no button to actually download it. It appears that the badge installer is not clickable. The text on the page says "If you click install now..." but the "install now" appears to be missing.

For those of you that run into this problem, you can get it from the Adobe AIR Marketplace


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw the same on my machine, then checked with some other folks around the shop, but most of the AIR/AMP folks are in a San Jose meeting right now, and I don't have definitive info.

First, does the "Install" or "Launch" text appear after a little delay? This is what it ended up doing on my own machine. If you give the badge a moment, then does it detect and display correctly?

Other than that, I noticed that it displayed quickly on machines which had Adobe Flash Player 9.x installed. My machine has Astro and took awhile to display, and another engineer's machine which didn't immediately display was Astro too. I'm not sure whether this is relevant, but are you in beta too?

tx, jd/adobe

Rob McKeown said...

I tried on a few different machines. Two with XP and Flash player 9 and one Vista machine with 9 as well. I saw the same behavior on all of them. Waiting for a few minutes didn't seem to make any difference.


Dan Boyd said...

For a company that makes such great software they can't seem to get the upgrading process or even the downloading process to work right. Simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

I have the same behaviour ... is there a solution?

Anonymous said...

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