Thursday, September 11, 2008

Klok - beta testing update; helpful workarounds

MISSING DATA WORKAROUND - If you go to the Preferences screen and click the button to choose a new data file folder you will be prompted with a directory browser. If you leave the default selected folder as is and click "ok", it will start working. I am working on this and will be fixed hopefully soon

Thanks William and Scott (whom both found and reported this workaround)
I wanted to personally thank all the folks who have been trying out the new version and reporting the bugs... please keep them coming. To summarize, here are the main bugs so far.
  • After upgrading from 1.0 to 1.5 , the project list appears to have been lost. 
  • When exporting the the timesheets to excel the comments are not showing up. Instead seemingly randon number appears in its place. I have a fix for this that will be in the next beta release
  • When minimizing to the dock on Macs, you cannot restore it. This is a tricky one for me since I don't have a Mac to actually debug this on. I will keep everyone posted on this one.
  • Holding down the Shift key while dragging doesn't constrain the time entries to 15 minute increments as it did in the 1.0 version. 
Once again, thanks to all of you.

If you are feeling generous and would like me to fix the Mac issue sooner :-), consider donating on the Klok website so I can buy my own Mac to debug with.


Anonymous said...

Does the "missing data workaround" restore the ability to add projects?

After updating to 1.5 Beta, not only are my old project lists gone, I can no longer create new ones.

Anonymous said...

When klok is minimized to traybar its cpu usage raises up to 60% (Pentium M 1.4GHz). Furthermore I can not restore the window state to normal (only maximized). I'm running WinXP SP3.

Rob McKeown said...

@serminator - yes. the missing data workaround will allow you to add projects again.

@falznappe - I haven't seen that issue. Can you give me the steps to reproduce it?

Anonymous said..., obviously I am not able to reproduce the high cpu load at the moment. But the following things remain: Klok icon is visible in taskbar but clicking on it does nothing. I have to right click it and to choose "Maximize". Then the main window appears. Probably invalid window position in normal state? The "recent project" submenu only shows items from the current session. Is it possible to display the most recent one even if I worked on it the day before? Another thing is - the recent project list is not checked for duplicate entries.

Anonymous said...

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