Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Klok 1.5 RC1 Now Available

As many of you have pointed out, there was an issue related to the time change this past weekend. This updated fixes the problem for the most part.  You can get the latest version by clicking the "check for updates" link on either the Preferences or the About screen.

However, I say "for the most part" because there is still an issue when dragging items on Sunday. The reason is because there is actually one more hour on Sunday than usual. This gets in the way of the calculations. 

One other big change in this release is the replacement of the time entry widget that was displayed when you double click an item on the week view. I had so many complaints about it that I decided to simplify and just use a text field. In this field you can type times in the format 3:24 am or 15:24 for example. It is also smart enough to know what you mean when you enter something like 1a.

I kind of rushed a bit to get this out in order to fix the daylight savings time issue so there will probably another update for the final release of 1.5.

As usual, post any problems at http://bugs.mcgraphix.com


Mac Duy Hai said...

yaaay!! Downloading!

Ghismo said...

Hourra !

French characters are now supported !

Thank you so much for the simple textbox for times, it's so much easier this way !

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

installed, and I don't have preferences at all. I installed 1.5 off the bat rather than 1 then upgrading. It appears that the link to install v1 also installs 1.5 too!

Anonymous said...

actually scrap that i didn't d/l from the linky at the bottom of the page - poor form for me as a web designer for not looking

Unknown said...

What about cyrillyc characters in text fields? I can't type anything on russian :(

Anonymous said...

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