Friday, April 17, 2009

Using Blaze DS in Commercial Applications

A couple of days ago (Apr. 15, 2009) a post popped up on my blog reader titled "Using BlazeDS in Commercial products" which immediately caught my interest. I just assumed that you could use it in commercial products but I have never actually looked into the license. Basically the post indicated that you can't use BlazeDS in commercial products without buying an OEM license from Adobe but you can use it for internal applications. Of course I immediately commented and said that given that, why wouldn't I just always use GraniteDS. I went back a few hours later and found that the blog post was not even there anymore, let alone my comment.

So my question has yet to be answered... If I can't use the opensource BlazeDS for anything but internal applications, why would I spend any effort in every getting familiar with it? 

If you want to read the original post, you can view the cached version here, at least for now.


Jason said...

I'm not posting as a lawyer, but as someone who is very familiar through experience with open source licenses.

There is no non-commercial clause in the LGPLv3, which is what Adobe has chosen to use as a license for BlazeDS. The terms of that license are what you must comply with - they cannot add additional clauses. If they wish to do that, they have to release it under a different license.

Obviously this still may not be worth using, as with any legal issue the burden would be on you to defend yourself if they got a wild idea to come after you...and again, IANAL.

I hate seeing licenses, especially open-source ones misused, so I thought I would at least comment.

Rob McKeown said...

Thanks for the comment. That was basically my assumption too, but when I saw the post I got a bit confused. Perhaps that is why the post has been taken down.