Thursday, July 2, 2009

I hate error messages like this

TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter blendMode must be non-null.

I was working away on an AIR application and all of a sudden I started seeing this error message. It would show up when I had focus on something and clicked a button that removed the component's parent from the stage. As a result of the error, my app would stop working in all kinds of weird ways. For example, TabNavigators stopped working, but List controls worked fine. Some changes to my display list would work ok while others would result in part of the screen going blank.

I will spare the details of how I figured out what the problem was, but the root cause seemed to be that I was compiling my application with the 3.2 Flex SDK but I was compiling one of the Library projects that I was depending on with the 3.3 SDK.

Setting them all to the same version fixed the problem.

I didn't see any other posts through a Google search of that error, so I figured I would post it here.


Unknown said...

I hate those errors that do not make sense at first and that nobody has blogged about. A big qestion mark with the text 'Am I actually the first one to get this error??' is always cleary readable above my head :-)

You probably saved a lot of people a lot of time by posting this. So thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

You're not alone, 2 others had this problem as well. ...sorry we didn't blog it, hehe, but glad you did!

n8o said...

I've been having this exact same issue lately and i couldn't find a solution. thanks for solving the problem.


Fabien said...

Also had the same issue with applications built with the Flex SDK 3.2 framework and modules built with SDK 3.0.
Kinda tricky to find out :P
Hope this helps


Adrian Parr said...

I hate error messages like this ...

Hehe. :¬0

Anonymous said...

I love following ones:
TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert "" to Date.

I have dozens of them. I know they are there but "dear Flex SDK, could you tell me where?" :)

Roger said...

You're my hero! Thanks for solving this :-) It took me a couple of hours figuring out what was wrong, but fortunately Google brought me here.

Billigflug New York said...

Good thinking to post it to help others. I never came across an error I couldn't find an online solution yet, but only thanks to people like you, who help us others. :) Thanks.

ichibod said...

Thanks for the suggestion, it worked, saved me a few hours of frustration.

Anonymous said...

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AntuanF1 said...

Yes!!! it works, I had a imported project from version 3.3 and i was compiling with 3.2. I had changed to 3.3 and it works.

Thank you everybody.

Unknown said...

I just ran into this error--frustrating!

And in my case, it wasn't even trying to use a .swc built in 3.3 in an app built with 3.2--the difference was actually between builds of the 3.3 SDK.

When my .swc was built with and app built with, I got the error.

When my app was built with (thus matching the SDK used for the .swc), the error went away.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

thanks, this problem just made me waste my morning, ugh

Unknown said...

Thank you a thousand times!!
This does fix my problem. I was wondering what was causing my textinput being frozen and here's solution.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Damien said...

Thanks, it must have been hard to find the cause of this error !