Monday, September 28, 2009

Flex Component - TimeField Update

Thanks for the comments everyone. I have made a few changes to my TimePicker component based on some of the comments. The example now has the Klok 2 skin applied to it.

You can see the updated version here.


karfau said...

great work!!!

Collin Peters said...

That's awesome. Great work.

Is this available in a library of some sort so other projects can re-use it?

Rob McKeown said...

Collin - not yet. It needs to be cleaned up a bit first

DaveG said...

24 hour clock. :-))))))

Dave G

Emo said...

This component is great! Is there any way to make that component available for others to use?

Ken Kopelson, CST said...

Hi Rob,

I'm from New Zealand, and I'm putting together a little Flex app and I need a "sane" time entry component. After scouring the web I'd have to say that yours looks to be "tops"... so like was asked way back in Sept. 2009, would you be so kind as to make it available so others may use it? If you're still worried about "cleaning it up" I can certainly take care of that little detail and pass the result back to you. With your efforts and those people who helped you improve it, you really do have a nice little gem there. Thanks for your consideration!

Rob McKeown said...

Hi Ken,

Shoot me an email at rob at mcgraphix dot com and we can work something out.