Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Klok 2 screenshots

Bear with me everyone. Trying to coordinate a beta program takes a bit more time than I imagined. Combine that with trying to wrap up the beta itself, and I am going slightly slower than expected.

Here are some screenshots of Klok 2 with some of the new features shown.

The main Klok 2 interface.

The Klok 2 Synchronization panel (With Klokwork connector installed)

The new Week picker

The new Time Picker

The Project view (with new Add Sub Project button) and Description tab visible


Jason Crist said...

I'm chomping at the bit. I use Klok almost as much as I use eclipse and am definitely looking forward to an upgrade.

ning said...

Good work. I have been waiting for an update, too.

Blaine Ehrhart said...

Ah, I love the new add a sub project option. Much easier than hitting add then finding it the list and editing the name.

Thanks :D

My only other suggestion at the moment would to make time entries a little easier, especially commenting. And maybe when you organize it would stick for all the projects. I like to see my most recent entries first... so I have to switch it for each one I view. Also when you comment on an entry you have just started (0 minutes passed) you can't update it, the red unclosable bar that asks you if you have worked past 12 that gives you no option to hit no or cancel cuts off the view of your last entry. I do however like that when I leave a comment but I haven't changed the time on an entry the time will stick to what it is currently..

Thank you!

Uhg.. my word verification is stinge...