Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Klok + Klokwork + iPhone = :-)

I lost count of the number of people who emailed me telling me how great it would be if there was some way to track time in Klok from their iPhone. Well we are getting ready to kick off the private beta of Klokwork, a hosted service for tracking time with Klok, which has the capability of syncing up time tracked from an iPhone (or any smartphone with a web browser) with time tracked from the Klok 2 desktop application.

Before the rumor mills start churning out false information, let me clarify what this is and isn't.

This is not:
  • an AIR application running on an iPhone
  • a Flex/Flash application running in mobile Safari
  • connecting the iPhone directly to the local SQLite databased used by Klok
  • going to be sold through the App store
This is:
  • a JQuery + JQTouch based AJAX application running in mobile Safari
  • able to be added to the home screen and accessed like any other application
  • connected to a hosted Java-based web application called Klokwork
  • synchronized with the Klok desktop application using Klok's new pluggable connector architecture


kaolin fire said...

Sounds great to me! Looking forward to it.

Will we be able to export our "local" information to the hosted solution if we get on board with that? :)

Shoping Cart said...

Some stuff about JQuery and JQTouch applications running on safari mobile phone. They really looks very good.

Rob McKeown said...

@Kaloin - The plan is to be able to take you local projects and upload them to the hosted service. Obviously, in a group setting where multiple people work on the same project, only one person should be uploading the project itself.

Kevin Cum Laude said...

Is there a way to request a private beta invite? Let me know.

Ohverwurkt & Uhndrpeyd said...

I would like to know about the beta testing as well. This would be the perfect app for me to have.

Rob McKeown said...

Send me an email if you haven't already and I will put you on the list. Also, I will post any new informatiion on the facebook page so you should keep an eye on that as well. I had put the iphone part on the back burner while I finish up the Klok 2.0 desktop app. I was hoping that by now I would have access to the new Flash CS5 beta from Adobe which would have given me the ability to create a native iphone app. However, the public beta was cancelled, so I will be getting back to this as soon as all the bugs are worked out of Klok 2.0