Friday, December 11, 2009

New Klok 2.0 Beta update may require uninstall of earlier beta

These instructions still apply if you are trying to upgrade any version of the Beta to the current release version.

UPDATE: This issue has be fixed in Klok 2.0 Beta 1.11. If you followed the instructions below to install 1.10, you will need to follow them again to install 1.11

Sorry folks. But if you are running the Klok 2.0 beta version, then you may need to uninstall the current version of the beta before installing Klok 2.0 Beta 1.10. I haven't quite pinpointed the cause yet. You will know whether you need to uninstall if you see the following message when installing the latest update.

  • If you get this message, uninstall Klok2 from the Programs control panel and try installing again.
  • If you get the message again, you will need to delete the Klok2 folder (which should be empty) from your Program Files (Program Files(x86) on 64 bit Windows)
On a positive note, this update fixes the freezing problem when opening the Klok connector configuration panel when no connector is installed (KLOK-577, KLOK-573) and adds the ability to restore a maximized application (KLOK-575, KLOK-578).

If you have any problems, comment here, email me or file a bug at