Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flex Hero now available for download?

If you are like me then you are anxiously awaiting the ability to create apps for mobile devices with Flex. With the announcement of Flex Hero a couple of weeks ago I have been a kid waiting for Christmas. Several people have asked about Klok for Android and I have been playing around with Flash CS5 but I would love to build it with Flex if possible.

So today I decided to see what additional information was available online. A quick Google search returned this result:

Clicking the link brought me to the general login page for Adobe's site. Upon logging in I was brought to the Adobe Groups home page. Unfortunately, that is where the trail went cold. Hitting the link directly, even after logging in, gave me an generic permission denied error.

It seems that on July 20, it was possible to download the Flex SDK with Hero atop it, but it is no longer publicly available(?). Perhaps there is a private beta that I don't know about. If there is I would love to be included... Did you hear that Adobe? Just in case you didn't, I will say it lounder: ADOBE, PLEASE INCLUDE ME IN THE FLEX HERO BETA.


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Matthew Fabb said...

Previous to announcing Flex Hero, it was actually open to the public. Poke around the Adobe forums and Twitter and you will see people asking what Flex Hero is before the announcement, as people found the link. Then Adobe made the announcement about Flex Hero and that same day they closed off the link. I think someone who create the site mistakenly forgot to password protect it.

I wished I had downloaded it when I had the chance, but I didn't know what it was at the time. :-(

Guilhem Ensuque said...


Maybe you got a bad link because Adobe are in the process of migrating all their open source stuff to SourceForge here:

In the meantime, if you want to do Flex on Android, you can always try ELIPS Studio from OpenPlug:


Rob McKeown said...

Thanks Guilhem, the Flex SDK isn't up on that SourceForge site yet. I have been meaning to check out Elips.

elousami said...

If you use google's webcache you may even go as far as the actual page where you "can" download the "" build, however, that's also where you will get the 404 :). let's just wait. you will know when they are ready when you see their evangelists showcase Hero. in the meantime, there is enough new material in the "Air" to keep one busy. hassan

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