Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What happened to the AIR Marketplace?

If you haven't noticed, Adobe has a new website. Unfortunately, it leaves a bit to be desired IMHO.

I wanted to look for something in the AIR Marketplace (which is where my application Klok lives) but could not find a link for the AIR Marketplace anywhere. I expected this to get a more prominent spot. I ended up searching for it and found it that way, but I never did find it in the navigation anywhere

It also took me a few minutes to find the links to the designer and developer community sections. They are nestled under Learning in case you are looking for them too. While there is certainly a lot to be learned there, I didn't immediately make the connection.

Perhaps the site isn't completely done yet?

Aside from the missing link, you will notice another item that has gone missing... Flash content. There is surprisingly little Flash being used on the site. Now it isn't to say that there should be a lot of Flash on the site, I'm just saying that I was surprised to see the home page with the big Acrobat X graphic on there without some cool animation or interactive content.


Anonymous said...

Found it under Learning, then Exchange, then AIR Marketplace... so three clicks to get to the marketplace to see what is available for purchase? FAIL

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that the site is not yet done. This is just the beginning of the roll out of a completly redone site.