Friday, August 24, 2007

TimeTracker alpha - take 2

There seems to have been a problem with the badge installer. Thats what I get for putting it out there in such a sleep deprived state. I have never tried the AIR badge installer before. Since I am not totally confident in it, here is the link directly to the .AIR file.


Doug Schmidt said...

I had issues with badge installer myself, and documented them in this post. Give it a read and let me know if it helps.

Unknown said...

Probably some out there can help me. I updated my Klok over the net and all my data is gone, I have been able to find the klok.dat on my backup up, and have replaced the new with the old but to no avail. I tried to read the dat file and found out that all the data is in there but klok wont show them. Can anyone be of help? Thanks for your help.

Daniel Franklin said...

Cool application. Nice job.
some suggestions.

1) it would have been better to put the app in tray when i minimize. you can give it as an option.

2) Help needed for first time users. so please put it along about or something.

3) If i could edit the project names in the tree itself. it would be better than me always getting into the project properties.

4) same applies for the sub-project. cant i just right click and a sub-project.

5) when i shrink the view i still need minimize button so that i don't need to expand and then minimize.