Thursday, August 23, 2007

TimeTracker alpha

Anyone interested it testing out my TimeTracker application can download it from here. If you find bugs or would like to request a feature, add a comment to this post.

UPDATE: Klok (formerly TimeTracker) is now up to version 2. You can install the free version using the installer to the right or by visiting the official Klok website


Anonymous said...

I clicked to install the app, but I got an error saying that it wasn't a valid air file...

Paul Hastings said...

also seems to be installing AIR when it's already installed....

jmcminn said...

Kewl idea but it crashes on my computer.

Rob McKeown said...

@crabkilla - what OS are you running? Do you happen to have a better than normal video card? dual monitors perhaps? Or even an Intellipoint mouse. There is a known issue with the AIR beta with certain video cards and/or an intellipoint mouse driver.

If interested the thread can be found at here.

Anonymous said...

One usability issue. Can you set the time start at 8am or 9 am and ends at the next day 7am. It makes more sense to track working hours because people start working in the morning and may end at the next morning. Currently, i always need to scroll down to see my working hours.

Anonymous said...

i've encountered another problem. i forgot to quit klok and left it overnight and there was an error showing. I suspect it cannot track time running across to the next day.

Rob McKeown said...

@5566 - Its funny. When I built this I was working after midnight a lot, so it didn't really hit me that most people are working during "normal business hours". I intend to make it scroll down the current time automatically when you launch week view.

As for running over night, I will look into it. Thanks for pointing it out

Anonymous said...

Klok is a great application. I have 3 comments/suggestions:

1. Export/import data option! Does anyone know of a temporary way to safe-copy user data?

2. A way to add single tasks/projects - single tasks you might be working on, but only for a few days/hours. If i create a project for this, the logged time data will dissappear when i delete it again... and then the software gets stuffed with tasks i will never need to work on again.

Another solution to this could be a a "mark completed" function. This function will remove the project but keep the logged events.

3. Keep it simple. Klok has a great force in it´s simplicity making it a PERSONAL time manager, not a fullsize, 500 page manual, office time management/billing solution. I have tried many other time tracking apps and they are always overkill.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great app. My comments:

- Why do you have to press update to change project information. Seems silly.

- When you change project name/color, the already logged events doesn´t change with it.

Anonymous said...

Klok is really cool, i like it! in less than 5 minutes i was familiarized with the entire elements of the software... i work at a software company and a tool like this can facilitate the way i mannage my time.
the design is very stylish, but if u provide users with 2 or three themes from which they can use then i will be even better as many prefere white BG with black text..

many thanks.

Teeps (Terry Palmer) said...

I'd like to see a Daily Reports section for checking today and yesterday. I often check my daily running time to see how much I have left to put in an honest 8 hr day.

Also on the weekly reports... looks as though the This Week and the Last Week reports might be switched around. I don't get any data for This.. but I do for Last. I've been using this less then a week.

Rob said...

Great idea. I know it's alpha but here are a few suggestions/bugs;
-don't add too many new features. It's nearly there :)
-24 hour clock option next to am/pm. It's more common on the European continent.
-at the reports section; keep the categories visible after one has been selected. It's more user friendly than having to click a 'close application' like cross button.

Bug: the hit area of this button is incorrect too (on OS X), it's too high or something transparant is covering it.

Bug: start the project clock. And stop it right away. Now there is a registered time of 0 hours which is hard if not impossible to remove in week view. Fortunatly it can be removed in project view.

Bug: while making changes at 'time entries' the grid doesn't get updated immediately. That's confusing.

My 2 cts: don't add new features until all bugs are fixed. Most people don't mind limited features, but they do mind bugs.

But most importantly; keep it up Rob!

Anonymous said...

it works excellent!! im usin WinXP sp2 and the last Air SDK..
Really i must have for freelancers..

It would be a nice func. to have a pause for the timer onb "Currently workin on".

thanks a lot for the app, it rocks!!!


ADAX said...

Nice program. But what about national character support? I can't enter any character from the Baltic character set. Doesn't Flex/AIR support unicode?

Unknown said...

Very Nice Ap...
I was unable to find a way to sort the projects entered.
I also tried dragging them to the appropriate sorted location. This did not work.
I would love to be able to sort the project list (or if this is already possible know how to sort the list).
Thanks, Ted

Display Name said...

Downloaded, customized, and have it fully running to all of my life's projects in an hour. Great program--thank you!

I would like to see the reports give the sub-category information as well as the top-category. With a couple more adjustments, you can be sure to see a donation from me.

Thanks again.

Alrevez said...

Great application, here is my suggestion, can it be minimized to the system try?

Anonymous said...

GREAT app! I love Flex... since I do a lot of side-work at night, I often work into the next day... but Klok doesn't take that into account. So I have to change the times I actually worked to get the duration correct.

Would like to see a way to track time into the next day.


Anonymous said...

The saving process appears to be inconsistent. I added several new projects, then I restarted the machine and the new projects and changes disappeared.

Saving process takes place when you close the app or is a constant process? Maybe windows didn't close the app correctly, then a lost my data.

It's possible to recover what I've lost?

Thank you!

Amazing and Simple App!! Just what I needed to deal with my procrastination!

Anonymous said...

ok, let me just consolidate what look like common thoughts then...

0 - excellent ui, great application
1 - multi-day tracking is a necessity. schedules are not all the same.
2 - found a bug updating an end time for a project doesn't really update? doesn't refresh? ??
3 - more import/export options would be good too, such as choosing/reordering fields, etc.

thanks for letting me use the app. it is cool, but i think with a couple enhancements/bug fixes it will be a very classy product, worthy of replacing the skinnable timer i wrote long ago and have used until today. ;]

ArtC said...

Great application, Rob.
Two questions / suggestions:
1. For those of us who work in multiple locations on multiple systems, is it possible to either install and run Klok on a thumb drive?

Or just to keep the data file on a thumb drive?

2. And in the same vein, is there any to allow an import/export to a Google Calendar through its API?

Thanks for putting this together!


Anonymous said...

how can I make to display something on Currently Working On... ?

I thought it will show the event that's in the calendar at the specific date & time, but it seems it doesn't :|

Unknown said...

I'm just getting started, with one project that has two sub-projects (one client with two web sites).

1. When I update a time entry in Project View (and click Update), the entry won't update unless I leave and re-enter that project.

2. Reports doesn't show me anything, for either the project or sub-projects. Just a big white circle with "..Ex Data Visualization Tri.." across the middle.

3. Can I create new "Common Tasks"? I'd like "View/Export Monthly Timesheet." Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Great program - Thanks!

Two structural issues:
1. The scroll bar on the far right is too close to the Sat section in the default Week View, which results in project being inadvertently moved. It would be better if there were more distance between the scroll bar and the Sat column

2. In the Report view, the lines linking the pie chart items are black against a black background, so you can't tell what they are connected to. Please make the lines lighter or the background lighter in color. Also, all of the text is in white, so if you pick white for a project you cannot see the text.

Agree with other posters about seeing subcategories in the report view and updating the week view without having to push a button.

Also, an associate refused to use the program because he said the interface does not ascribe to Mac conventions, like the open/close button being on the left.


Whos Askin said...

I have noticed that when I export the weekly timesheet to the Excel document the time can change by a minute or so. I am using this by quarter of an hour intervals rather than the exact minute (which would be nice to have a preference for this) and even though it's correct in Klok it's different in Excel. Also it would be nice to have an overtime function which is allocated to the correct project and day.

Whos Askin said...

Is it possible to have a separate field for job number that prints in a separate column when exported?

Jason said...

I must commend you, this app is really cool. I just have a question... is there was a way to view the amount of time worked on a SUB PROJECT as well as within a PROJECT? I've only used it for one project so far, but is it possible? I don't see an option, unless I'm missing something. If so, this tiny app just got so much better. If not, it still rocks.

Anonymous said...

your app rocks!!!!

Quick Mode (issue)
*When its in "quick mode" and you have only one project in the history of "Currently work on" and you try to restart the counter selecting that single item, doesnt begins the counter. You must exit quick mode, and drop it again to the "Currently work on" zone, to start it.

Exporting Excel file (improve)
*It would be so great if we can export the totaly of the hours of one project, and not just only one specific week.

Thanks again and its very usefull app!!!

Anonymous said...

Great application!

I have one thing to comment on :) now the week starts with sunday. It would be great if you could decide that for your self. Here in sweden the first day of the week is monday.

Over and out

Anonymous said...

After 5 minutes of demo use, I can see this becoming very helpful! A couple functionality suggestions / questions:
-I added time to multiple sub-projects, is there a way I can see the cumulative view for that project?

-Provide more filters for reports: by project, by date ranges (daily, weekly, monthly, custom)

-Configurable option to have Klok minimize to the systray, with mouseover effect indicating the current work on project and time status.

GTD Wannabe said...

I've been using Klok for a week now and love it.

One bug I've found: the ability to click on something in the "working on" drop down list to restart a project only works once in any one session. In other words, it'll work the first time I try it after starting klok up for the day, but not after that.

A couple of feature requests:

1. Would love to have the ability to start/stop the current project timer with a keyboard shortcut. I sometimes get a lot of interruptions, and mousing to the stop button slows me down.

2. Would love a report that shows me total number of hours worked per day over a week/month, etc.

Other than that - love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice. I like it. Maybe some sort of popup reminder if you have started the timer. I often forget to stop the stopwatch when I move onto something else. If something came up every 10 (configurable?) minutes to confirm are you still working.

Also, I'd find it a bit easier to use if some of the controls where a bit larger and more evident.

Where is the data asved? Locally on on the web?

Otherwise keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Double bytes chars(ex. Chinese) are not supported?

_ said...

I love this program -- I have a couple of suggestions on making it perfect for me:

1) Sometimes I'm working late and I might start work at 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM the next day, but the project just stops at midnight and doesn't continue timing. Would it be possible for it to keep timing?

2) I would REALLY like a "Pause" button next to the stop button, as I get the occasional phone call, email I need to respond to, etc...that isn't part of that project but will only take a few minutes.

Some of my other suggestions have been made by other people (i.e. calculating project totals including the sub-projects, Google Calendar import/export), and I have to say that this program is fantastic. It does (almost) everything I need to keep track of my projects. I can't wait for the next update!

Anonymous said...

First off, excellent app! It is great in that it does just what it needs to and doesn't suffer from feature bloat.

Of course, naturally I'd like to request a couple of new features ;)

First, I wanted to echo GWD Wannabe's comment that it would be nice to autopopulate your "Currently Working On:" drop-down with the list of Projects. I know others will want Projects and Sub-projects, but I can see that getting a bit unwieldy.

Second, it would be nice to be able to see the comments in the Excel export. Perhaps add them as comments to the appropriate cell?

Again, wonderful app and great demo piece for Flex in general. Keep up the great work!

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Great app!

Both on reports and on the screen, partial time amounts are show as decimal values (i.e. 5.75 hours). It seems it would be more useful if this were shown in hours and minutes (i.e. 5h 45m).

Peter Weissbrod said...

Rob your time tracker app is so cool its not even funny.

This is the EXACT kind of program I was looking for, just the right amount of features, but still dead simple. Its sleek and black, its like you read my mind.

I will donate to this project, and I plan on promoting this little gem on my developer blog.

The ONLY defect that pains me is that drop-down-list in the upper left of the window. ("Currently working on")

when the app is in a compact size, and I try to change the selection, of the dropdown list, it does not change the current task.

Anonymous said...

I really like this application. I like the look and functionality as well as simplicity. Everything loaded up fine and works well for me. I've been using it for about three weeks now and it is really interesting to see the weekly reports and better understand where I am spending too much time. I echo some of the former requests but the only one that I really would like right now is the ability to "promote" a sub-project to project status. I've found that some sub-projects grow in scope and should be their own project. A drag-and-drop way of promoting the sub-project on the left side folder list would be great. If this is already a feature I haven't found it yet. Otherwise this is a wonderful application. THANKS!

Buddhist Monkey said...

This thing rocks!

It does a few odd things though:

Continues to show time on the report page when there is no time to be reported.

As others have said, won't show time for a project that is contained in the subproject.

Doesn't seem to work well with various window sizes - I'd like to make it a large sidebar and be able to minimize it to the timer only, which it currently does. However, sometimes it loses the maximize arrows and I'm stuck in timer mode.

Unknown said...

very nice UI.

i would like it to handle other than english language.

right-to-left support will be wonderful.

i don't really like that it starts from 12am till 12pm - allow to make a choice on the hours to be displayed.

should make automatic decision about the color of the sub-projects.

a way to add to the templates of projects.

last thing - i can't see the seperation between the hours
so maybe make it abit lighter.

Phil H said...

Great idea, I need to track time spent on certain tasks at work, and this is ideal.
A bug: I created a "work" project with "workpackage1" and "workpackage2" subprojects. I then played around with workpackage2, and then deleted it (put it in the delete bin, and emptied it) but workpackage2 still shows up in the recent projects dropdown ("Currently working on").
Also, is there a way to "sync" this so I can have the same klok entries on my work and home PCs, and create/edit/update in either place? This would be useful when working from home.

Thanks again (from a fellow software engineer) for the great app.

Martin! said...

Great program. Exactly what I needed for year!!

I found some bugs :

1) doesn't not support accentuated characters (é,è, à and all the other wierd french characters... must be the same with other foreign language characters)

2) Time/date format and decimal separator not as specified in the OS. (windows, didn't test on linux yet)

3) Where you have a long project name, it move the right most menu under the close/minimize buttons

4) If you double-click on a sub-projet, Klok freeze

And as so many told you already : Keep is small, simple, fast!!!


Phil H said...

Would you be willing to accept some help? I would be happy to help do bugfixes and stuff like that...

cderner said...

Just found klok today and love it. We have a small business (less that 10 FT employees) and would like to use this rather than our current time sheet. Can set up the clients and subprojects and export them for the rest of our employees?

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying using this app to track my workflow, however, I have found a bug that is irking me.

One of my projects, one I spend a good percentage of my time on, doesn't show up in the reports view, which ends up skewing the entire report. I can see the time put in on that project in the week view and the time entries for it in the project view, but it doesn't even figure in on the reports. Help!

Anonymous said...

excellent program!
- ability to rearrange projects
- options to report for sub projects
- at the moment i'm using it to see where my time goes, i.e. every minute of everyday is covered with something. It's getting sluggish... I'm guessing it's not made with that purpose in mind?
- hit the delete key to delete!

I also love the interface. It's sleek and very appealing

Anonymous said...

Great the application.
Can the "Week View" and some calenders start for Europe on Monday?
Good things too are Language Files for e.g. germany. I can help...

Anonymous said...

Great application thanks. There are lots of change requests, but I suggest keeping it simple.

I would like only one thing, the ability to dump ALL the individual time entries into an excel file. Then I can do any report I like using excel.

Regards Paul

Unknown said...

Great little app - very easy to use. I can see myself becoming dependent on it.

I live in Australia though so it would be cool to be able to view the dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and set the start of week to be Monday.

Also, if each day column included a day number as well as day of the week I wouldn't have to count.

Keep up the good work!

Olle said...

I've been looking for a killer app like this :)

As the previous poster mentioned, configurable date format would be nice. I'm personally partial to the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD.

I'd also like to be a able to see subprojects in the piechart reports.

Thanks for a great app.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I can see using this a lot. A few suggestions:

1) Would be nice to more clearly identify the fact you are updating/editin a row in Project View/Time Entries (such as background color for the row selected and the editing area).

2) A daily view might also be beneficial so I don't have to scroll upd and down.

3) When expanding from collapsed view should make sure entire form displays on the screen. Example: I place the collapsed in the lower right corner of my screen. When I expand I have to move the window so I can view it. When I collapse again I have to move it back to the lower righ corner of the screen). Would be nice if it was done for me.

4) When viewing reports, are the hours calculated based on a 24hr period * number of days (including non-working days)? Would be nice to identify non-work days and normal working hours to be used to calc percentages.

Anonymous said...

One more from my previous entry:

Would be nice to be able to set duration to hours:minutes instead of hour percentage.

Anonymous said...

Yet another suggestion:

Allow to minimize to the system tray. When hover over ican show currently working on and time :)

Anonymous said...

Hello - 2 issues :

1) Accents seems to be not allowed
éàèùêïô ...etc

2) Doesn't allow to change time on an entry if no comment is entered in Comments Field.

My 2 cents - Vinamis

Nahkala said...

Great app, would be great if you could support åäöéèàá :) (ie. UTF8)

Just some minor glitches that needs to be fixed, concentrate on those and add features later.

Jegg said...

I also would like to be edit the date format - and have time not stop tracking at midnight - should continue on to the next day

Anonymous said...

I love your application. Three suggestions

1. I often work on two different computers. It would be great if there was a way that I could sync the data file using Microsoft's SyncToy or something like that.

2. it would be great if there was a way to create a report of time spent simply on one project, and divide the pie chart into different subprojects.

3. when I go back to a time entry to make changes, the updates don't always take the first time.

Anonymous said...

Super application! The only one thing I really need is support of local fonts, Cyrillic in my case.

~JOSh-X said...

I would like to request to have the work week start on Monday and end on Sunday.

Thanks for a sweet program!

Anonymous said...

Companies typically have a cost code for categorizing time. It would be nice to have a code that could be added to a project's properties. When completing a time sheet, it would be nice to see that code next to the hours for each project in a report.

Anonymous said...

Support for åäöéèàá, please.

Anonymous said...

I love this application. Good work!

I second the idea for mimimizing to the tray. The little box option is nice, but it covers a lot of my stuff up (might be a tad on the large side to sit over the top of applications). 1024x768

For the tray icon, hover over could say how long you have been working on the current task.
Right clicking it would allow you to change what task you are working on!

Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to any new features you add.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, this is brilliant.
Couple if ideas:

1. Date format. I'm in the UK so its better for me to see 20/06/08 rather than 06/20/08!

2. Any chance of exporting a daily timesheet as well as weekly?

3. Project view - could you add a total duration here? Maybe even per day? Again, I need to track my time daily, so daily totals are easier.

Doug Johnson said...

I track time/updates currently in Fogbugz. It has tools that I need for that, but I don't like the front end much.
Any chance of using Klok to update Fogbugz?
or is Klok an open-source project wherein I could add my own link to it?

Anonymous said...

Great tool. WOuld it be possible to include reporting also on subproject? I would like to know how much time I have spent per project on each subproject. As of now, I just see how much time I spent on any of the main projects. Thanks! Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

Great application. The one bug I have encountered is that occasionally I want to switch to a new task and when I try to drop it into the 'Currently working on' it will not register. It won't start tracking the new task unless I close the application and restart it.

jbacon said...

Love this app! Some comments:

1. Others seem to say that after midnight, the timer stops. I don't see that, it keeps going for me. But my issue is that if I accidentally left it running overnight, I can't change the end date to be the previous day. So I end up with a task that started at, say, 9 am on June 23rd, and ended at 7 am on June 24th. If I double-click it, I can change the start date, but can only change the end time. So it's forever stuck on ending on the 24th.

2. Collapse view is great, but if I move the collapsed window to the lower-right corner of the screen, and expand it, most of the window is now offscreen. It would be great if the window could have an expanded location and a collapsed location.

3. Any way to make it less ... dark?

Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble with the "Currently working on:" option, none of my projects come up as options.

Any one else having this problem, anyone know how to fix this?

I'm running Mac OS 10.5.3, & Air 1.0

Anonymous said...

Not working with Cyrillic characters

Anonymous said...

Placing items in the current week works ok, but I found out placing items in the week before gives some bugs. Duration sticks to zero and resizing does not work either. It also does not appear in the reports-section.

Josh Kinal said...

I'd really like to be able to drag an item from one part of a project to another because I entered it eroneously.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded the app today and it looks nice, handles quite well, is easy to maintain and lists just enough information. Perfect!

Two bugs:
1) the updates to a time entry in the week view don't seem to synchronize with the ones in project view, even after pressing update.
2) The time tracker stops after 11:59 PM and has to be manually restarted after that.

I would also enjoy (choosing) 24h notation.

simulacra said...

This is a great app and has a feature set that I haven't found anywhere else.

One consistent bug:
I can't work on more than five different projects without restarting the application. It would be good to have currently working on list as a 5 item FIFO buffer.

Some feature requests:
1. Reports on custom date ranges.

Rabbi Y. Scult said...

Could you please explain how I can upload data to Google Calender? I have seen somewhere that you can sync between Klok and GCalender.
Thank You

Marin Todorov said...

yes, I use Klok for some time and its simple interface makes it so good.

here are some toughs for the next version :

- as other said, I work overnight should be a way hours say from 12am to 4am to be for the prev day

- in Europe the week starts at Monday- we'd really need Monday starting week in Klok, please

- issues with the minimize button - sometimes it just stops working

Great AIR application! Can't wait for the next version :)


davie said...

I've been using Klog for a few weeks now. However, it crashed today and I've lost 3 1/2 hours worth of records:-(

Idea, could do with an option on dates like dd/mm/yyyy rather than the mm/dd/yyyy.

Anonymous said...

hi ... dig the app ... couple of strange things tho:

when you drag a handle, it shows you down to the minute where the handle is on the timeline ... when you let the handle go, it goes where it wants to. it should go to the exact time it showed when you let it go.

would be nice: instead of jumping to the nearest hour/half hour, the handle would (click) into five minute intervals for you (but still go where it is supposed to when you let it go).

would be nice: i have a 'stand-up' meeting every day. it would be really cool if i could set a 'project' and then drag it horizontally across the week (since i know it will take place at that exact time every day for the same amount of time.).

would be nice: undo.

would be nice: double click on the time-entry interface and be presented with a drop down of possible 'projects' - perhaps in order of greatest usage.

would be nice: double click on an entry and be presented with an easy way to edit the contents (like an editable 'tool-tip'). when edit is finished, close tool tip and edit is saved.

would be nice: import function (i have other time logs saved in excel that i would love to import into this app).

would be nice: detailed pie chart. right now the pie chart shows the root level project, but none of the sub projects ... would be nice to be able to see those details as well.

otherwise ... i love this app. i use it exclusively to track my time now. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi again.

just noticed that when i export to excel, none of my notes/details are exposed. i keep my notes here so that i can have access to them later ... when i export to excel, the project header does not give me enough information to know what i did, only that it was in that particular header.

would be nice: if i could determine the amount of 'detailed' information that is exported to excel.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...


I did not read everything, but i agree with :

when you drag a handle, it shows you down to the minute where the handle is on the timeline ... when you let the handle go, it goes where it wants to. it should go to the exact time it showed when you let it go.

would be nice:
detailed pie chart ! for now i have to divise all sub-project in projects to be able to trak them

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

I misted what i came for initially.

For now, for example at midnight (23:59:59) on thursday, the time tracker stops and do not 'autoload' the day after (friday) in the morning (00:00:00) ...
That a bad thing, cause if you forget to reload it, you loose the real time you were working.
And i always worked late in the night :o)


Anonymous said...

Do you plan to make it open source? I really like the app and won't mind spending some time working on it.

Anonymous said...

HUGE ...
just realized .. there's no search function ..
i keep notes in there, but can't find 'em ...
that's kind of a deal breaker.


jugrote said...


Great app! I'm tracking several employees (projects) with it. Two things I've had trouble with so far:

1) Adding an archival 'time entry', an older work day for an employee after I've already added a more recent time entry. Within the list of entries it doesn't allow me to drag the entry into chronological order, nor does it automatically sort the entries in this fashion.

2) If I have to make a change to the hours in a particular 'time entry' and click Update, the time change will save in the edit view at the bottom of the screen, but that change won't translate to the entry within the list of entries.

That make sense? I'm on OS X Tiger on a recent Intel iMac.

Thx, Justin

Anonymous said...

I love what the application can do, but I'd really like to see the reports feature expanded quite a bit in three ways.

1) Different types of charts. Currently, I can only get a pie chart. I'd like maybe a bar chart, so I can compare the past few weeks or days.
2) More than main categories. At this point in time, I can only view whatever are the main folders. If there's a sub folder that's bloating a main folder, I can't see that. I just see the main folder has taken a significant amount of time.
3) Export reports as pdfs. It's already on Adobe air, so I figure Adobe would like to make it easy for you export their pdf documents through air. I ask for this, so I can to use it for billing purposes if I wanted to do so. It's kind of hard to do the cut and paste thing when there are words across the pie-chart image that are not labels.

Anonymous said...

Great little app, absolutely loving it... but:
1. it would be great if the reporting pie chart could split the project and show the sub projects
2. google calendar synchronization would just make it brilliant.


Anonymous said...

and 3 i forgot what iw was but there it is

3 Minimize to tray

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

looks excellent mate!!!

keep up the good work!
and please inform us about your plans for future development-aight?

a few quick enhancement proposals:
-implement an option to choose the start of the week (on the european continent it's monday most of the time)
-add a feature to switch between 12 and 24hour days
-add support for special characters (e.g. for european languages)
might help to embed those characters for the font used and use CDATA-tags if you are storing values inside xml-nodes


Darren Schroeder said...

Been using it for a while. Thank you very much. Is there any way to ReOrganize the Project tree without losing all the data? I have some nested project items that I'd like to move out into the root.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Really good work.

Would it be possible to get a monthly extract feature or a way to read the .dat file to do it on our own ?
The A/M to 24hours option would be great, dates on european format too (d/m/y)...

Thanks a lot and good continuation

davie said...

It would be real handy to have the same comment box in Project View as is available in the Week View. It could pop up when we click on Work On.

It would also be handy to have a general comment box for each day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, When "Work-On" button is pressed, can it automatically close it and put the it to the Week View? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great app

"Work on" in main window would be great (project folder selected + toggle button)
Drop down menu sometimes doesn't load recent items Running Leopard, Intel.

Anonymous said...

hi, great app.
i am getting flex data visualization trial. any way to fix this

Anonymous said...

Would it be possable to have the "Currently working on:" drop down to display all the projects right from the start instead of having to go into each project and click on "work on". This would be helpful for me (and I'm sure others) due to numerious projects and switching between them through out the day :)

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Just some advices:

- Please add European Language support. If you are creating this app in Flash, then please embed fonts for "Latin Basic", and "Latin Extended A" character sets.

- It would be nice to be able sort projects after they were created, e.g. to move them up/down in the project list.

- It would be nice, if there would be a checkbox in the beginning of each task name in project list, to be able to know which task is already done, and which is not.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

I have just started using Klok last month and like it very much.

There is one killer feature missing, though: it doesn't seem possible to export (or even print) the "time entries".

I guess providing work details with your invoice is a thing almost everyone using this application needs to do.

Is there a work-around or anything else to help solve this issue?

Kim Steinhaug said...

Thanks for a great tool! But I I cannot use the export timesheet for Excel since alot of the number fields are intepreted as date fields...

If I drop the timesheet on my desktop it creates a XLS file, however when opening it many of the numeric fields are intepreted as date fields by Excel so I get dates instead not able to see what the value is supposed to be. Same happends if I drag it direcly into Excel.

Im using Excel 2007 on Vista. I suppose you need to tell your export format what the field is supposed to be, since here in norway we use comma and not dot in numbers, this is most likely why Excel interprets the numbers as dates.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work thus far on this app and kudos on the article in PC World.

Feature Request: Sometimes I am working on several projects for the same customer but need to keep the projects separate (i.e. not use subprojects). But the problem is, I'd like to keep them grouped near each other on the list. If I add anything in between there is no way for me to drag the projects next to each other and reorder them. Secondly, It would be great to be able to export a report w/ time entries/comments.

Thanks again!

keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

great app!

can you please add support for hebrew language?


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Suggestions:

1. I think providing more import/export options would take this app to the next level.
2. It would be nice if single-clicking on a project/sub-project in the project tree highlighted the corresponding entries in the week view. Vice-versa, single-clicking on a week view entry could highlight an entry in the project tree.

Jamie said...

Perfect app for my needs - love being able to start and stop apps from the taskbar now. The drag and drop timeblocks is also a favourite of mine. I have tried many different time tracking apps in the past - this is now my tracker of choice. Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Great App, but I have a tough time reading the text.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to set the default time interval (e.g. round to nearest 15 minutes) in the reports/timesheet

Jamie said...

Just downloaded 1.5.1 Beta 2 - You just made my favorite app even better with the project view - time sheets. Being a person who has to break down his hours by project every week this has just made my life even easier - keep up the great work Rob.

davie said...

Just downloaded the new version. I've lost all my records and nothing seems to work and there's no templates.

Joseph Marques said...

when looking at your daily reports for your time the Times should be in hours and minutes as opposed to 2.63 hours etc.

Joseph Marques said...

I just downloaded the newest beta and was unable to create a project at all. Windows XP Pro.

Anonymous said...

I have been using your app at work as my time tracking software for a few months. The biggest problem I (well, my boss) has with it is that I cannot export a timesheet on a per project basis... or at least at the bottom of the Project View > Time Entires > Duration tab there isn't a total of time spent on a project.

Rounding to 15min increments would also be a nice feature, as that is how we bill.

Finally, some sort of networkable whole-office solution would be awesome, so we could all have one master project list and clock in and out on various projects... centrally maintained etc.

Congrats on the great work!


Anonymous said...

Support to çãáà... characters or unicode.

Vincent said...

I second that request:

-24 hour clock option next to am/pm. It's more common on the European continent.

But I'd also like to see an option which allows you to set a certain amount of time to be shown (i.e. from 08:00 to 17:00)

Great app btw! Looks very stylish.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I really like this - it is easy and perfect fills my need with one exception - I do a lot of short bursts on particular projects and would love to be able to cut and paste then edit the entry.

Anonymous said...


In the time entries, it could be nice to view the total time in minutes instead of the x/1.0 viewing.

Anonymous said...

I'll also put in a bid for an option to switch date to European format - always confuses me ;-P

Would it also be possible to set a 'standard working hours' field somewhere, which determines which parts of the 'day' are displayed when in week view (to save scrolling up and down)

Anonymous said...

Great app! Thank you. Requesting for Unicode characters support.

Dmitry Taranov

Anonymous said...

An exportable and/or printable report able to be filtered by job, etc.

Anonymous said...

First of all, great tool. Tnx!

Feature request: easy way to click a project to work on it. Now I have to open the project and click on 'Work on'.

What I would like is a right click to select 'Work on'.


Andy W. Harris said...

Great job on this app! However, please make the "work on" button easier to get to. It seems more intuitive to give it an icon and more prominence one more level up because it could easily be the thing that people might interact with the most during the day. formerly had their web app designed with a big obvious button that made it easy to activate tasks. Now they changed it and it's kind of a pain. Your app is BTW, but it wouldn't hurt to apply a little of Steve Krug's, "Don't Make Me Think" book to your design too.

If you disagree, then I'm still okay with your product. I won't ask for a refund...:)

thanks for your generosity.

Unknown said...

First off this is an unbelievable program and i am lovin it! Thanks so much for creating it!

One thing i think could greatly help this program was a way to add notes to a project. The notes could be added to the meetings, or to their own section. But i think the ability to add notes would be greatly beneficial allowing everyone who works on a project to keep track of whats going on.

Anonymous said...

Support for international characters would be great!!

Keep up the good work Rob!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

In Windows:
Uncheck the "Display Properties" - "Appearance" - "Effects" - "Show window contents while dragging".
Switch to "Collapse view" in Klok and drag the window. The frame marking the window outline will now show the expanded view positions. It's a minor issue, but I would like a feature related to this:
Ex. Collapse view is positioned to the upper right, and then I can switch to the expanded view which is positioned at a custom location "centered" at the desktop.

Anonymous said...

In Windows:
Select an "unused" project, view the "Time Entries". Create a new entry and click "Add". Select the new entry, change ex. the "to" time and hit "Update". The data will be saved but the entry in the list will not update until you change to another project and back.

Anonymous said...

great app! Would be awesome to have a "snap" feature. I usually enter time manually by dragging projects and adjusting the time blocks with handles. I only need quarter intervals, so it would be a lot easier if there was a check box for this perhaps?

nerfkhat said...

When we do a export, Can we have the comments attached to the excel file?

Anonymous said...

I really like Klok. It's possible to add a Daily Report?

Baby, Baby, and Baby said...

I've been needing an app like this, thanks!
To echo a few other comments on improving it further:
-drop down project menu
-running to the next day
-a pause button

And my own comments:
-I need a better indication when I'm dragging and dropping a project that I'm hovering over the right place.
-some indication that the thing is running (a seconds counter, for instance) just as reassurance.
-My report pie doesn't show sub-projects by color. Actually, I'm not sure it works at all but I've only worked on one project so far with a few different (and differently colored) sub projects. I'm running a second project now for a few minutes to see if it shows up on the pie.
-Very important: How do I change that date/time? My Klok is currently showing that I'm on yesterday and in a different time completely.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My sub projects are not adding up correctly when viewing in weekly time sheet...otherwise great program hope to keep using! Thanks

Heric Dehon said...

Hey... i found Klok in Adobe Air Marketplace. You have a nice job in hands. Congratulations!

I´m starting to use today - i found it in . And I already have some sugestions:
1. Is it possible to add an area where users can type descriptions to each preject or sub-project? Is it also abble to add links or linked files in these description?
2. Is it possible have configurable dates to each project like 'dead line', 'meeting' etc?
3. Is it possible to have more than one project running at same time?

Well... some other sugestions are almost turning Klok into a big project manager. If its what you want, you are on the way! So...
1. Is it possible to work in a network with diferent users?
2. Is it possible print reports? Or generate report files like PDF?
3. Is it possible accept non-english caracters like á, â, ã, ç, etc?

I´m using Klok and i would like you to know i can be a Beta Tester if you want!

Arrlin said...

Rob.....This program you're working on is a gold mine waiting to happen!..I've been in studying time management for 10 years now...please email me i'd like to chat with you about where this could possibly go..

Anonymous said...

This is a great application. Can you change the date ranges some where so that the starting date is Saturday vs Sunday? I would like to match it up with our companies payroll cycles.


Anonymous said...

Feature request:
feed/sync with Google calendar

Ashley said...

Thanks for the great app!

A few ideas for the next release:
-Import time sheets into another computer or user.
-Minimize to System Tray
-an acompanying app for the iPhone, with import/sync capabilities


Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm not getting accurate totals when I click on report. Could it just give a running report instead of the big round red graph?

Marla Witkowski said...

Very nice app! Here's a few suggestions:

-Allow the drag and drop of folders into each other; to make something a subfolder of a main folder. If I need to reorder my folders I pretty much have to create and/or rename them.

-Allow the drag and drop of tasks from the calendar into folders. I accidentally file things in the wrong folder occasionally - it would be easier than having to recreate the whole time entry.

-It would be great to be able to promote/demote folders in the hierachy, maybe with arrows like PPT.

-Offer alternate colors for backgrounds - the black is a little dismal!

It's been a real help for me - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great software but please, i think that comments in a blog entry not is enough to discuss about the software, please make a forums to this...

Cory from the Cleve... said...

Suggested Functionality for Klok:
- Drag and drop sub-projects from one project to another

I work in a support role for an eCommerce website, and Klok works great for tracking the large number of tickets that I receive per week. I create different projects for the different types of tickets that are sent my way, and I create a sub-project for each ticket. Once the issue is resolved, it would be great to have the ability to drag and drop them to another project that could act as an archive for closed tickets so that the time spent on the issue would still be in the weekly report, but not in my "open tickets" project. Currently if you archive a ticket, the time is removed from the weekly report, which isn't good for tracking tickets if they are opened and closed in the same day.

pshu said...

Love the software. I have the smallest request - I feel kinda silly asking but I would like to be able to put the character "x" in the phone number section so I can add my clients phone extension. The software is amazing - keep up the great work!

Damian said...

Great app. One thing I would like to see is the total amount of time spent on a specific project when viewed in the Time Entries tab. At present it shows Date, Start Time, Stop Time and Duration. If you could add a Total at the bottom of the Duration column it would be great.

Well done. Looking forward to future developments.

amrok said...

Is there unicode-support?

Anonymous said...

Really great software. I was desperately waiting for monthly reporting feature. It was delivered, and seems to work as advertised. Really fantastic software.

Anonymous said...

Nice application! I'm having problems seeing the calendar. It would be nice to have another higher contrast color scheme.

cyclerj said...

Is there any way to change the colors?

Anonymous said...

Excellent application - one feature that would be great is ability to export detailed weekly/monthly timesheets for a particular project for invoicing purposes as opposed to the aggregate sheet available now.

April Sadowski said...

The update button didn't work for me and neither did the timer (just sits at 0).

Unknown said...

I see a lot of potential for this app, but there are a few things that really bug me.
1) The timer should display seconds as well as hrs:min. This is mostly so we can see that it is timing correctly right away.

2) You should be able to sort the order that the projects are displayed. They seem to show up in the order of creation, while I think that alphabetical would be better for me. Others may want to organize projects another way.

Besides those two things, I'm really enjoying this app. I'll keep testing this for a few weeks. Hopefully it will become part of my standard workflow.

@IrishMJ said...

Brilliant App, really brilliant.

Just wondering if it would be possible to add a field into "Add Time Entries" That would allow you to say whether you had been oaid for the work or not. Just a simple box that you could enter a percentage of fee paid...

Any chance?


Sara // Threadbare Supply Co. said...

While running several programs at the same time yesterday (not unusual for me), I kept getting a "scratch disc" error message telling me I couldn't save some work. I restarted three times, and at some point in all of that, my Klok completely reset and deleted all my projects, as well as current and archived logged hours.

Can there be an automatic backup every few weeks that stores copies elsewhere?

Also, can the application continue running through midnight without resetting? And can projects be dropped and dragged within each other?

Anonymous said...

The duration calculation is not correct, I have added a time sheet for 7:55AM to 5:30pm and it shows a duration of 9:58, where as it should be 9:35 right?

Pete said...

Hi, nice app.

One request to help out UK users - could you add a way to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy? That would be great. Also, I agree with other comments about having the possibility to show spent time in hours and minutes, not just decimals.

Nice work though, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The duration tracker is not calculating properly. Otherwise, this appears to be a great product. thanks!

Anonymous said...


Holli Elizabeth said...

It would be nice if you could change the week ending date, aside from that I think it's a great application

Anonymous said...

Hi - I would really like to see the ability to alphabetize projects, it would make it much easier to manage them. Also, I second the request to give you the ability to notate an entry as "paid" so you can keep track of your billing as well.

Duong VT said...

This is exactly the tool I need. I think you should provide some more functionalities:
- Month view
- Notes or comments on projects and sub projects

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issue with the durations. I entered 4.50pm to 6.25pm, its showing a duration of 1.58 hours. The only place it is showing the correct duration of 1.35 hours is in the report.
Is it possible showing an hour as % of 100 in the weekly/project view but reverting to a 60 min hour view in the reports?

Unknown said...

Nice application, some ideas

1) The ability to store the data online, so if I access the application from another computer from another location then I can still time track everything and keep it all in sync

2) Create your own project templates.

3) Notes for projects would be huge! (someone else mentioned as well)

Unknown said...

A few more thing:

1) Add the ability to set the expiry date of each project and sub project

2) Add a priority level to a project and sub project

3) Various sorting features, (name, due date, priority level)

Very good start, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Can we minimise the application to system tray rather than keeping it hovering on the top left hand corner of screen.

Anonymous said...

Can we add clocks on the left hand side panel, this would help people who are working for different continents.

Bertrand Potier said...

Hi, great work with the application, so far the TM tool I prefer after having evaluated a number of them. The only feature I miss is the ability to mark time spent on a project/sub-project as billable or not. A tag / checkbox or anything would be needed in both the timer bar and the manual edit form.
It would allow to filter reports and possibly print a report / timesheet of billable time only.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further.

bas said...

first of all thanks for the work - and it's a great easy looking application.

I'm starting to use it - and have some requests - i apologise if they have been made before.

1. It would be nice to be able to double-click somewhere to add somethign (especially when creating the time-records after the fact)

2. would it be possible to also allow for 24-hour time instead of just am/pm (or did i look wrong).

3. i dont know where the data is stored. But would it be possible to choose that location, so that i can put it inside dropbox. Giving me the ability to use this application easily on more then 1 computer (home / work / laptop)

if i can help - please let me know

thanks again - hope the suggestions can be also good for others.


Bertrand Potier said...

Following Bas previous comments, I'd like to vote for the knowing or setting up where data are stored to allow a synchronization (via Dropbox, I being an happy user of it as well)

Scott Ringo said...

The drop down "currently working on" does not work but just has blank space even though we have several clients and projects created.

Bertrand Potier said...

Dear Scott Ringo, if I may help. The dropdown fills itself with the projects that you first have dragged once from your list to it. Once you've done that for one it will be available in the dropdown for as long as you keep Klok opened.
The typical use case would be:
- you drag a projet / task you start working on, the timer is automatically started.
- Later you move to another project and task and do a new drag and drop, it replaces the previous project and start the timer for this one.
- Later again, you come back to the first project, you don't need to drag and drop it again, it is available in the dropdown.

Hope this helps

Ryan Cromwell, Sr said...

Klok is great! One thing I found though is the two resize grabbers for the Project tree. If you grab the one that is left of the "collapse" arrow, it actually resizes the project tree. To the right of the "collapse" arrow is a second resizer that makes this look a bit wonky.


Unknown said...

Just started using Klok and it is proving very useful. It would be even more useful if it could give daily totals or reports for projects.

fashionplate said...

There's a misspelling of a subfolder title. Under choice of projects is Branding Project. This brings up Folder (Client Name). A subfolder of (Client Name) is "Stationary." The correct spelling is Stationery--easy way to remember is that stationEry is paper and you use a pEn to write on paper.

lippj said...

This is a great app.
I've been using it to track my time against projects for last few weeks and I do like it. A couple of comments:
1> Feature suggestion: It would be good to be able to vary the reporting period (for example I have to report my project bookings monthly, but for the period 25th of one month to 24th of the next). Being able to arbitrarily set the month boundaries would be great.

2> Feature suggestion: being able to exclude certain projects from reports would be good.

3> Bug: interacting with entries on the week view by clicking and dragging is a bit painful - it is very hard to get the mouse to do what you intend it to do (e.g. dragging the start or end of an appt to a different time)

4> Feature request: allow time entries in 24hr format.

Keep up the good work!

Mama said...

Great App! I think others have voiced it, but it would be great to be able to set the work week and working hours. Our payroll runs from Friday-Thursday, so it would be really helpful to see things by my work week. Thanks!

David S. Leitner said...

Hi, thanks for the app. I really like it. The only thing I can think of that would improve it at this point is to either make it dockable or allow it to run from the system tray. I have a 14" monitor and the compact view still takes up an awkward amount of space onscreen and in the task bar. Otherwise it's very functional, yet flexible enough for me to adapt it to my timekeeping needs. Thanks.

Mike Leger said...

Feature Request: Ability to add resources to any given work. (example of resources would be employees, if i wanted to add myself vs scheduling other work)

Feature Request: Ability to assign work as 'over time' Just for tracking and reporting purposes. so if i worked 10 hours on project X and 2 hours of that were after hours.

Great software/tool, keep up the good work.

Steve Holsinger said...

I'm having an issue where the 'currently working on: nothing' drop-down doesn't have anything in it. Every time I open the application it won't fill that menu. No idea why.

Also, it'd be nice if the application remembered it's last position in each state separately and between launches, as in, persist that state after closing. So when it opens again, it shows up in the same spot as before.

Rodrigo Ferreira said...

Hi Rob. I use the Klok for some time and love it! I just wanted to make a suggestion: How about a report that shows the hours used in the sub projects? A graph so would give an idea of how we allocate time in each stage of a project. Is this possible?

Unknown said...

Is there any way to increase the font size of the text?

I try to use font sizes of say 16 on my PC and this tool looks like a font size of 6.

Looks like it would be a cool tool if I could actually see it...

Unknown said...

Trying to run this on an Asus with the Netbook Remix (official) Ubuntu Distro 9.10 and works well as a whole but the minimise to small tab size leaves big black space which I'm assuming should be transparent.

Lovely app would love to see it work on Ubunutu as intented but not able to donate to next beta at the moment.

Eric Dusseau said...

Probably already commented on, but it seems to only allow 4 or 5 "Projects" to be worked on before you have to restart the application.

Anonymous said...

I would like to upgrade to 2.0 but I have two issues. I would like to know what the differences are between 2.0 and 1.5 and I am concerned that I will lose my current projects. Any guidance. Great application.

Rob Browne said...

I love klok, I find it really handy.
Would it be possible to have a report in an excel sheet like the weekly view. so I would have a break down of what I did for the day and when I did it!
Thanks for all your hard work, its a great app!!!

Duniyadnd said...

Bug in Reports - If I click on a "Weekly Report" or "Monthly Report" the pie chart shows up fine. However it only shows two of the three items that I worked on. If I ran Project Totals, it shows all the projects (which is correct).

Unknown said...

Hi - I love the Klok, so thank you for all your hard work.
One question: is it possible to export from past weeks? I can only export this week's data.

BigChewOrchard said...

2.03 fixed a delay-when-dropping that I saw. Much better.
Both of us on this site saw no-refresh while working, switch to previous week and back to force refresh as a work-around.
Is the collapse view officially dead? Can I still beg and plead for it to come back?

K. Bjarnason said...

App installed and mostly worked, but two main glitches.

First, the menu tabs. There's one at the right which is obscured by the min/max/other buttons. It's the "about" tab, so not fatal, but still.

Second, the UI updates are abysmally bad. Select a time record. Modify the time. Press "update". Nothing. Did it work? Who knows, you certainly can't tell either way from the UI.

K. Bjarnason said...

Okay, I realize this is not a release version, but, frankly, it's so buggy as to not even approach being usable. It's _at best_ a pre-alpha.

The UI absolutely sucks; nothing updates properly when modified, so you either end up with no records or 20 junk records. I spend more time fixing its broken behaviour than actually doing work.

Gus said...

Is there a feature, or is it possible to add one that covers sequences of events? E.g During a normal working week I have some meetings that I attend everyday at the same time. Likewise I have weekly meetings that follow a pattern. It would be good to be able to just add those in and then if, for whatever reason, I don't go to the meeting I could just take that one meeting out and let whatever I am working on instead fill the vacated space. Useful app though

Anonymous said...

Dragging and deleting entries doesn't work for me. When I drag an entry to the Trash it expands the Icon, let's me drop the entry - but nothing happens. It'd be nice to see an alternative to the drag and drop delete.

Anonymous said...

Simple and handy application! Thanks! It would be good if we can reduce it to system tray. + I would also like to see an option to decide on the work-week and work-timings!

isak said...

I love the program, but it seems to stop at midnight. So if I work from 11 pm to 2 am, Klok stops at midnight and I have to start the klok again at 12:01. Fixable?

Jae said...

I love the concept of this app, but as I've encountered with other Adobe AIR apps, there's no way to change the font size for anything.

My problem: I have an very high resolution screen, so when I open the app, the text is TINY.

::sigh:: Though perhaps this isn't something that can be fixed and means I should just give up on AIR apps, since I don't want to change my screen resolution just to use a single program.

Anonymous said...

Please do support Unicode. I try to enter the project name in my language and the program does not accept this.

Make your computer a little more time, and window rolled up, a little less.

In the unfolded state does not need so much space to pokayvat all week - it should be on the Reports tab. Make please a larger and user-friendly interface and time management: start, pause, the countdown (if you know how much you want to do a project, must be able to put an hour or two, and press start).

If you turn on to start another project, over where the time passed automatically turns off.

For example "Project Work 1" is running, but if I shake the trigger on the project "Job 2" or "Holiday", the counting time on the previous stops and starts on this.

Thank you for the program and the opportunity to offer their ideas!

Sergei, Russia.

KatjaM said...

this is great - i have only one issue - i often work past midnight and into the next day and the klok stops at 11:59 and doesn't continue on. or am i doing something wrong? I love the comment section - thank you for this!!!