Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Klok update - bugs fixed

A couple of serious bugs have been fixed in this update of Klok. Visit the official Klok site for details


Teeps (Terry Palmer) said...

Dude... you've out done yourself. The changes you've made to the proggy are spot on.
Love the daily total at the bottom.
LOVE the archive functionality.
Love the export weekly timesheet. I also LOVE the fact that it itemized the subprojects within the parent project in the export.

Anything else you do from this point on is icing on the cake. Kudo's dude. Your work is hugely appreciated.

I'm even going to spare you the, "but if you just did this...". Simply...
nice work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah dude! This is a great little app!!!

Thanks enormously!

This and my Thunderbird + Lightning (calendar) apps make Basecamp etc not that necessary suddenly.. I'm not a fan of non-self-hosted/controlled apps..

Some kind of iCal integration-ish (i'm designer, not tekkie) and collab-platform/standards integration would make it complete (forseeing more collabs)

Great work, thanks again,

BG [ Rrr Pro*]

Anonymous said...

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