Monday, April 14, 2008

MXNA is down. What do I do?

That title isn't meant to be rhetorical. I really don't know where to go for my daily news. I guess I didn't realize how much I rely on it. It is a good reminder of how what we think and what is true are not always the same. If you asked me, I probably would have said that I use it sometimes but it isn't essential to my daily life. The reality is that it truly is essential.

I have to pack some kind of User Experience lesson in here, so here goes. Don't trust what user's tell you. They become so unaware of the things that use all the time that they take them for granted. Anyone who looked over my should on any given day, they would probably notice that every time I am doing a build (which takes a couple of minutes), I switch over to my browser window which always has the first tab open to

So keep that in mind when you want to find out how users actually use the software you build. Just remember to ignore what they tell you and pay attention to what they show you.


Jim Hayes said...

I'm afraid I'm the same, but I just couldn't stand mxna anymore.
I grabbed the mxna opml files, imported them to google reader, and I'm much more likely to get my constant "while waiting for a compile" news fix now.
I've been loyal to mxna for years, but enough was enough I'm afraid.

Dan Wilson said...


You might consider giving a go.

It is a reliable Flex blog aggregator...

Dan Wilson

Josh Tynjala said...

I've started going to Fullasagoog first. It doesn't have as many feeds, but the blogs aggregated there usually cover all the important stuff. If I have time after checking out the goog, I head over to MXNA (but that's getting very uncommon these days).

Stephen Moretti said...

You've also got which covers Flex, AIR, Flash and, most importantly, ColdFusion. :)