Monday, January 11, 2010

Your donations are on their way

Your donations are on their way to help feed those struggling with hunger so I would like to take another moment to thank all the Klok 2 Beta Testers:

Stijn V. E., Brian V., Perisoft, Nick O., Andrea C., Ritual, Kaolin S., Benjamin W., Jan B, Sidney K., Sebastian Z., Adam W., David M., Justin J., Nicole N., Michael P., Jonal J., Thomas S., Zdenek M., Joel W., Ariane D., Karalyn P., Oscar S., Pawel P., Agrobio Products B.V., Brian C., mFace Marketing Solutions, Glenn H., Jay M, Daniel A., Benjamin T., Data Logg, Eric O., Adam G., Blaine E., John B., Alchmi, Helge H., Ross S., Rupert E., Brandon B., Farrell Documentation, Wouter V., Denis B., Stacy K., Ken Y., Phillip R, John S., Jonas N., Exit12, Jordan H., Anders T., Wouter G., Andy H., Hogan & Associates, Anna K., John S., Ofer G., Anthony M., Sean B., Frank J., James T., Charles R., Grade A, Taylor B., Steven J., Hung P., Michael Z., Torgny B., David B., Paul S., Rob H., Mitch F., Jon W., TRR Digital Industries, Liam D., , Shaun D., Blahnik Digital Designs, Don S., Larry M., Octave 2 Media, Stephen C., David P., Malcolm O., Chistian K., Jason D., mcgraphix, inc., , Trevor G., Mark A., Mark A., Betrand P., Steven W., Sofia P., Clifford L., Benjamin H., Ziad W., Steffen W.

Half of each of your donation is going to Feeding America. For more information on how you can help visit their website.


Unknown said...

My pleasure. I think it was an excellent way to tame the list of interested testers and to give something back to the community. Even in beta the application is well worth the money. Should you wish to follow the same plan on future betas I will happily donate again.

Russ said...

After using Klok 1.0 today, I really like it and think it will work out quite well for me. Thanks for making it, and for making it available.

I made another, slightly larger donation today, but still didn't receive any instructions for the instant access to Klok 2.0 beta. I'd love to play around with it, is there something else I need to do get the beta access? Thanks! My email address is @baga... if you need to disambiguate me from other donors.

Thanks again, it's a great tool. Can't wait to see what features the beta holds.

Russ said...

Thanks Rob, got the beta. It's looking terrific already. Thanks a lot and good luck with your future development.

Anonymous said...

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