Thursday, January 21, 2010

Klok 2 Beta update fixes critical issue

If you have been using the Klok 2 beta, the previous update (Klok 2 Beta Build 2.01) had a serious issue that caused it to hang while launching in some cases. If you have experienced this problem, you can download the update manually using the email you received when you joined the beta program.

If you have not experienced this issue we strongly recommend that you install the update (and all updates during the beta) when prompted.

Also, make sure you keep up to date with progress by visiting the Klok Facebook page and submit any bugs at


Blaine Ehrhart said...

Hey, It's me again.

I can't login to the forum still :\ I'm not recieving the verification email.. my username is bladesling.

Klok 2 automatically starts a project with 5 minutes of time, how do I turn that off or shorten it to like 1? I am constantly switching tasks and I don't want to double bill my clients or anything.


Rob McKeown said...

That is going to be a preference. I will try to get it into an update tonight. Sorry about the forum verification, I will look into it.

sheril said...

Wow, thats a good software tool, I will try it today, to track daily works

David Lemaitre said...

Great tool! Any public release date for Klok 2.0?

Rob McKeown said...

We are planning on releasing version 2 on March 1

Blaine Ehrhart said...

Me again,
I found a bug in Beta 2.12.

Unarchving a sub project causes Klok to duplicate the main project it returns to (sub projects and all)...

Restarting Klok resolves the issue. But it happends every time you unarchive the project. This might be why the unarchive process is so ridiculously laggy and slow.