Monday, March 8, 2010

What's new with Klok 2?

It has been a while since I blogged about Klok 2. This is because I have been head down working on it. I am happy to announce that we are getting really close to releasing both the free version and the full version in the coming weeks.

To sum up what it includes:
  • Added the ability to import events from Google Calendar or MS Exchange Calendar
  • Enhanced the reporting (dashboard and timesheets)
  • Added the framework to allow skinning the application (3 additional skins are included)
  • Added the framework to allow connecting to third part systems (more info coming soon)
  • We fixed over 100 bugs
  • and many other enhancements

If you are a Beta tester for Klok 2, then last night's update will bring you up to the Release Candidate version.

If you are not a beta tester, stay tuned by following us on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook, or watching this blog.


B.SkiLLs said...

Hi, Is there a way you can look into your post on Adobes site for Klok as it is being pulled up by Norton and suspicious. I actually really like the program and would love to use it but.. Plus has other good comments except mine and one reply to mine. Can you look into this and fix it ?? As i am also on the phone right now with Norton trying t find out how to turn a program into them to have the clear it and OK it so it does not get alerted but they are saying it doesnt work like that and can not turn them into them to get cleared and OK'ed so that it shows unharmful so that it doesnt get pulled up by there software that way others dont have this problem and will use the program whether its yours or another tat we KNOW is safe but still gets pulled up by there system.

It installs and downloads fine with out getting alerted but... Only when you actually try and open the Klok program to use is when it gets alerted and quarantines the file. Please get back to me and the Adobe posts so others know. Thanks I am switching to a supervisor right now with Norton support to find out more how to get a programed cleared and ok'ed through there systems / programs. For this matter and later matters for myself and apps i may create that get alarmed by mistake even tho it's or they would be completely safe.

You Can contact me at


B.SkiLLs said...

He gave me this link to submit a dispute(after talking to 3 guys then a supervisor) So if you didnt have it might want to save it. Also turn t into them to get the program checked out and if safe cleared on there systems and an update sent out to there program so it doesn't get alerted.

They also said of course incase you didnt know. They will work with you also if the come up with something detected bad stuff to fix it and send the bad sectors so can be worked on, fixed and re submitted. Said takes up to 2-3 weeks. We can submit other peoples programs as well but is better for the owners that way can work with them to fix and have cleared. =)

Please do this as soon as possible. As i plus a lot of others would love to use this app.

Great job on it. Good work. Look forward to seeing more plus it here soon.

Thanks again.

Rob McKeown said...

There does not seem to be any issue downloading, installing or running the application with Symantec Endpoint Protection. What version of Norton are you using?

Porter said...

Awesome to hear. I've been using Klok 1.5 for awhile now, and completely forgot about 2.0. Nice to see that as I jump into using the program again, an update is on it's way.

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to using Klok v2. How far is it till launch?? :)

Rob McKeown said...

Just a note that the issue with Norton's incorrect detection of Klok has been resolved. Symantec confirmed to me that it was a false positive and has been updated in its current virus definitions.