Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did Steve Jobs Just Kill the iPad

In case you are living under a rock you may not be aware that Apple and Adobe have there... differences. This article on Slate asks whether Steve Jobs' decision to keep Flash off the IPad will "kill Flash".

There have been many "Flash Killers" over the years which have faded into obscurity, so you could easily ask whether this decision will be worse for Apple than Adobe. If you think about all the great things that the iPad would be great for (video, mobile video conferencing, games, presentations) you will see that most if not all of them are currently solved with adequate success using Flash today. So, as an iPad user you will probably eventually be able to get all those things on the iPad, but my expectations (and those of many gadget users) are that any new device should add value on top of what I have today... the iPad doesn't (at least not in the way I want it to).

So the argument needs to focus on which technology meets the needs and expectations of the target audience. I just don't see how Apple's latest device will do that. It just isn't as revolutionary as the iPod or iPhone.


Byron said...

Hey Rob,

I think it's just a matter of time before you are proven wrong. Despite iPhone not supporting Flash, Apple continues to sell tons of iPods and iPhones. The iPad will be no different. For every website out there that doesn't support flash there is probably an app. Example: There is a mint app that doesn't require Flash. Flash is going to be absolutely stone dead soon. The sooner the better.

Rob McKeown said...

Everyone makes claims as the future death of Flash, but nobody really articulates "why" that will happen. You say "the sooner the better"? What is your dissatisfaction with it?

And before you start claiming how HTML 5's "openness" is so much better, think about the lack of "openness" of the iphone. One could argue (and even Apple does) that keeping control over the technology drives consistency and quality.

Think about the problems with different implementations of HTML 4. I don't want to go down that path again.

From a consumer perspective, people just want to accomplish their goals in the best way possible. Flash gives them that. Period.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If iXYZ (iphone, ipad..) where to support Flash, the AppStore will be closed on the day one.

There are more developers who want to develop in flash than apples sdk.

Thinking about apple's business line with App store which is like a backbone of their showcase devices, Apple will not want to kill their own business by supporting flash instead claim not to support flash.

while Anti-flash jargons go across, the reality is clear. It would take atleast 20+ years to think about all the apples moving out of flash and before you even think, it will penetrate even more... So flash will never die.. apple will not support flash...

end users using iXYZ without flash will suffer.