Monday, October 20, 2008

Adobe - In Context Editing - Price

If you build websites for clients, I'm sure you often get the question "Can I update this myself?" 

Well, Adobe has a new service/product which may help. The concept sounds pretty cool. I intend to try out the free preview and post my thoughts here. However, I am a bit nervous about getting too excited since nowhere on Adobe's site (at least not that I can find) does is say what it will cost.

If you have inside knowledge (in other words... If you work for Adobe), please comment here with some ballpark figure :-)


Anonymous said...

Big mystery, I'd love to know too before I start experimenting with it. If it costs more than say, easysiteedit... I don't want to bother with it I don't think. Considering how overpriced Contribute is, I'm skeptical it'll be a reasonable price at this point.

But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's cheap and easy to implement and is powerful.

Anonymous said...

From incontext editing forums.

corey@adobe said regarding cost

"Sorry about the delay... I was hoping I could provide some details by now, but I'm still waiting for more information from the product team on this topic. I'll provide a detailed response as soon as I receive it.

Thanks for your patience!
Corey "

Link to page.

Anonymous said...


I've got a few sites up and running on InContext. A bit of a hassle to setup for each site, but it works fine, and so far it is free. All you really need is DreamWeaver CS4.

Anonymous said...

This would appear to be another solution for clients. However, nowhere can a price be found. Guess I'll not be using it without clarification on costs.

Anonymous said...

Just found in the FAQ over at Adobe:

How much does InContext Editing cost?

While in free preview, InContext Editing is available at no charge. The final pricing for the service has not been determined; however, it will be offered as a monthly or annual subscription with a price of US$10 to US$20 per month. Use of the service will likely be limited to five domains, and users will be able to add domains for an additional fee. The service may be bundled with other value-added services for web professionals. It is up to web professionals how they charge their clients for the service.

Anonymous said...

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Marius A said...

You can find updated pricing and packaging information on the InContext Editing FAQ page, in the Free Preview section:

James Reed said...

$10 - $20 USD for five domains? No thanks, I'll stick with Surreal CMS and pay the extra $5 for unlimited. Adobe has (and always will be) pricier when it comes to their products. This is why they perform so poorly with some of their mainstream products.

Krista said...

How does InContext compare with Konductor CMS?