Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flash Player 10: Sounds great, but...

Unfortunately Adobe must be "sold out" of Flash Player 10s. I went to and watched the really cool teaser video and thought to myself, "I have to install this right now". When I click to install, it goes through the installation process as normal and then gives me the "Installation successful" screen and indicates that Flash Player 9.x.x.x was installed successfully.

Now, I have seen some weirdness upgrading flash player before which was usually solved by uninstalling the current version and then installing the new version. No problem. I downloaded the uninstaller and uninstalled the current 9.x version and went back to to install the new version and when I go to the screen and click "Agree and Install Now" button, I go to a page where... wait for it... nothing happens. I see what looks like a broken image tag and some text that says it will take a couple minutes on a 56k modem.

They don't make it simple to find and download an old version so I am kind of stuck at the moment.

... and I really want to see some examples of the new typographic capabilities.


Unknown said...

Heard about Klok at Flashcamp and now I have to try it. =)

Flash 10 downloaded fine for me. Try this link:

Anonymous said...

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