Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flex/Jira SOAP Webservice Problems continues - any suggestions?

Well... since my last post I have been trying to successfully create and issue in Jira from Flex. Desipite the problem I found in my last post, which allowed me to retrieve data successfully from Flex, I am stumped when it comes to creating issues. Here is what I am doing... if you happen to have any suggestions, please comment here or email me directly.

var req:CreateIssue_request = new CreateIssue_request();
req.in0 = token; //from login request (which works fine)

var issue:RemoteIssue = new RemoteIssue();
issue.project = "KLOK";
issue.summary = "My new defect";
issue.type = "2";
issue.assignee = "rmckeown";
issue.description = "this is a description on the new defect";
issue.priority = "3";
issue.status = "1";

req.in1 = issue;

jira.createIssue_request_var = req; //jira is an instance of my SOAP service.

Any ideas?


Unknown said...

It looks like it may be a permission issue on the Permission Scheme for your Jira server.

You should be able to check the jira.log file for the exact reason the RPC message is getting rejected. I would guess it is complaining about being anon create issue.

I have to admit, run enterprise jira's so don't know much much of the personal version can be customized like this.

Anonymous said...

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Dustin said...

I realize this is a pretty old post, but am hoping you can shed some light on the prob I am having with my Jira + Flex project.
After login, I need to get a list of saved filters by calling getFavouriteFilters( token) . I need to passthe token I receive from the login, but cannot for the life of me figure out what to send. I know its a simple one liner someplace in the response, but its got me stumped.
Any chance you can share the code that shows where/how you get the token for the next call from the login response?


compass2k said...

your jira object has a method login where you pass username and password for you user and it returns a session token which you use as the first parameter in most subsequent ws calls.
e.g. mySessionToken = jiraWSObj.login(username,password) ;

(some other request)
arrFilters = jiraWSObj.getFavouriteFilters( mySessionToken) ;

etc etc